Google + project and +1 oh and a facelift

googplusone1 Google + project and +1 oh and a faceliftThis week was just what the doctor ordered for Google. Lately, the social networks and Bing have owned the airwaves and net. Bings recent integration with Facebook made for a robust social search display, and even Myspace has taken a headline in its everything-must-go liquidation. So what gives with the massive Google rollout? Is Google really going after Facebook? Or even Bing? Is it market share? Read more

How to start a strategy with Google+

Panda turned some content kings’ worlds upside down.  These search companies have built their success on the ability to spin articles 100’s of ways and put them in 1000’s of content farms, thus generating the links and anchor text needed to raise rankings. The Panda updates changed that to some degree, and certainly made the search companies think twice. With Google+, we are beginning to see SERPs that contain articles or shares from within a social network ranking for competitive and volume searches. 

So instead of the top 3 sites being CNN, Wiki, and Huffington Post, it might include a post shared by multiple people within your social network that lives on some less authoritative domain…maybe your blog. So how do you calculate that? How do you cheat or science that? We might find out soon, but today there is not a lot of certainty. What can you do for your company or your clients? Try a couple of the following implementations to prepare for any more search fallout.

Get your team involved and get them social. If you have a sales force that is not socially-inclined, it needs to be. Now. 1. Have them share industry-relevant material. The more the better.

  • Social sharing gets reciprocated.
  • They will inject themselves into the conversation and possibly the search results.

2. Find some industry-strong sites to share your “viral” content with.

  • To me, this could sound backwards, but in order to get social networks to start sharing, you have to find a way to get the content in front socially influential.

3. Start using the new-and-improved Google Analytics.

  • Engagement and Social shares are segmented.
  • Get your +1 buttons showing up in your analytics also.

4. Target influencers for guest post.

  • Find the folks in your area (field or geo) who will contribute to your blog. If they get the shares, they get the views.

5. Test your pages and products with the +1 PPC.

  • This will let you collect data quickly on this new sharing mechanism.