Frequently Asked Questions

People today are on the hunt for devices, apps and other tools that make their lives easier and more efficient. They want solutions to their problems and a framework for doing more with less.

We agree. And we also think it’s time to take the guesswork out of digital marketing. That’s why we developed the Evolve Digital Labs AdWords Grader. It’s a free, but powerful, AdWords tool that provides actionable analysis of campaigns: including their shortcomings and true potential for growth.

To get your customized Adwords performance report, follow 4 easy steps:

Click Connect My Adwords Account

You’ll be asked to log in with your Google AdWords account. Make sure you use the account you want to grade and not a manager account.

Choose Allow

Our tool will look at your campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and more to generate actionable insights for improvement.

Get invaluable PPC insights

You’ll receive a personalized performance report highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of your campaigns, plus some tips for optimizing them and saving money.