AdWords Grading Tool

Google has virtually monopolized and monetized the market for search. Almost 70% of online searches are done via Google. As the world of digital marketing evolves at a constant rate, keeping up with competitors and Google AdWords best-practices proves challenging for even seasoned digital marketers.

Although the complexity of Google AdWords and the certification process tends to be an effective gatekeeper, anyone with a website and credit card can buy clicks. Today, the real name of the game is juggling expectations with needs and budgets constraints, all while vying for a bigger slice of the budget pie.

While higher quality scores typically lead to better ROI, the time it takes to optimize campaigns and align priorities with successful strategy is often easier said than done. This inspired our team to develop a more informed approach to campaign management.

Thus, we are pleased to introduce the Evolve Digital Labs – Adwords Grader, an AdWords tool for improving pay-per-click results and increasing quality score, ad rank and positioning. It can be leveraged to increase quality score while minimizing cost-per-click. Put simply, the Adwords tool a roadmap for transforming ineffective PPC campaigns.

Grade AdWords Performance


Our AdWords Performance Grader gives you a fast, free and easy-to-understand assessment of current Adwords campaigns. It highlights key areas for improvement in PPC initiatives to gain better ROI.

The process is simple and the resulting analysis is detailed. By linking your account, our AdWords Grader checks the quality of multiple AdWords components:

  • Keywords
  • Keyword Types
  • Keyword Quality Score
  • Use of Negative Keywords
  • Industry
  • Age of Campaigns

Results are generated almost instantly, providing a fast, but highly detailed report on areas for improvement. The free AdWords performance report card includes more than just basic PPC and AdWords best practices:

  • Detailed Performance Grade
  • Insight for Increasing Efficiency
  • Keyword Relevancy Score
  • Ideas for Eliminating Wasted Spend
  • Negative Keyword Score
  • Overall AdWords Quality Score
  • Free Consultation with Evolve PPC Team


Included in the free Evolve Digital Labs consultation — details on how quality score and ad rank are calculated, plus insight on how to improve quality score. We’ll provide suggestions and tangible insight on the best ways to maximize campaigns. More than just a grade for your AdWords account, our team will offer a true breakdown; with guidance on how to fix high CPC and suggestions for generating better SERP positions.

Get started today – improve your AdWords campaigns now. Try the Evolve Digital Labs’ AdWords Grader.