Announcing an Announcement

Although we canat reveal the details, Evolve is excited to announce that there is soon going to be…an announcement!

Prepare to be wowed (and amused, maybe even disgruntled- for the euphobics out there) on Tuesday, September 6th, as we reveal some exciting news. The best part is that we will need your help! In fact, we are 100% certain that we can’t do it without you.

We’re not the best at keeping secrets, but we do like to challenge ourselves. (Don’t mind that noise- just a few Evolvers giggling about our uncanny ability to lace posts with inside jokes.)

Without unveiling too much, we can say this:

-It’s an interactive project.

-It involves our president and fearless captain, Derek Mabie.

-Your participation will grant you the opportunity of a lifetime.

-It’s free!

-It’s NOT Get Digital STL, although you should mark your calendars for the next one, which is on 11/11/11.

On Tuesday we will reveal to the world exactly what Evolve has up our super trendy sleeve, so get ready to put your listening ears on. And your thinking caps. And your creative pants! You’ll need the whole ensemble for this one.