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Link Building 101

We talk a lot about developing a content strategy for your website. The idea is to transform your digital space into an informational hub from which visitors gain instant value. Content strategy often remains on-site, meaning the content resides within your dot-com. Sometimes your brand will contribute content to sites other than your own, in the form of guest blogging. This is a link building tactic.

1) What is Link Building?

To put it simply, it is the act of proactively seeking referrals to your website from another in the form of links.

2) Why is link building important?

Link building is the single most critical factor when it comes to ranking. Keywords are important, too, but the search engine algorithms have been modified to place a higher emphasis on links.

Eight Purposes of Content

By Emily Wisely. Find her on Twitter! Iam no champion of content, guys. What I am, though, is a faithful consumer of information online. I knock back know-how like yoga instructors slurp smoothies, but probably with worse posture. Iave noticed which kinds of posts grab my attention and (most importantly) maintain my interest. Today Iad like to share my sliver of insight with you. Hopefully weall keep this in mind before carelessly hitting the apublisha button.

Eight Purposes of Content

Are You Tracking Your URLs?

For many brands, use of Tracking URLs (also known as UTM Parameters) has become the norm. Individuals and companies use them to track email marketing, Paid Search campaigns, press releases, and even blog posts.

Used strategically, Tracking URLs can not only provide essential campaign data, they can also allow you to turn that data into decision-making results for yourself and your clients. The data Tracking URLs could potentially provide include:

  • Sources that drive the most traffic
  • Differences in the number of clicks among ads
  • The format of the source (Banner, link, post)

  There tends to be some confusion when it comes to tracking URLs so letas start at the beginning. It’s not as intimidating as you may think!

SEM and Design: Why the disconnect?

Far too often, we come across brands that consider design and Search Engine Marketing two separate projects, and the resulting pages fail to contribute to the end goal: achieving leads. The three primary reasons a designer neglects to consider SEM and SEO prior to designing an entire website, a single page, or collateral material for a site are: Resources, Process, and Values.

SEM and Design

Introducing Our Summer 2014 Interns

We are privileged to welcome two brilliant interns, Samantha Givens and Lukas Rees, to Evolve Digital Labs for the summer. Working closely with our Director of Business Solutions, Samantha and Lukas will be involved in many aspects of the success we deliver for clients. It is our hope that when they depart in August, they will […]

Meet Aaron Stevens

This week, we welcomed Aaron Stevens to the team as Senior Digital Strategist. His experience in conversion optimization and search marketing will help us continue to lead clients to success online. Read on to learn more about Aaron’s background and interests.

Is Your Hospital Website Patient Centric?

Learn how some of America’s top hospitals fall short in delivering on patients’ online expectations and how it affects your hospital’s ROI. Download the full report – Aligning Patient Needs with Online Capabilities – today.

What we found…

  • 49% of the top hospitals lack a mobile-friendly website
  • Only 1 out of 5 offers online pre-registration for appointments
  • 67% fail to offer online rehab and aftercare information

Why I no longer run a search marketing agency

If it were exclusively up to me, I would still be the President of Evolve Digital Labs, a premier search marketing agency. The one I started and helped build. From one person to fourteen amazing people. But we do not always get to choose what happens personally or professionally. So true to our name, change […]

Ben Cook Joins Team Evolve

We are pleased to tell you about the newest addition to our growing team. Ben Cook is our new Director of Organic Channels, and his role here will involve working heavily in the Strategy and Growth stages for clients.

Tell us a little about your background.

I started in Internet Marketing almost a decade ago (wow that makes me feel old). I quickly realized that this career path offered me a lot more opportunities than the history degree I was pursuing and ended up dropping out. I started out in-house with smaller companies, moved over to Network Solutions where I was the SEO manager and then formed my own boutique agency Direct Match Media. After 3 years of running that, Derek talked me into joining the team.

Not Provided Podcast: The Future of SEO as a Revenue Opportunity

This week, Derek was excited to join the guys on the Not Provided Podcast, a podcast covering social media, SEO, and all things digital marketing. We met Damon Gochneaur, one of the hosts, at State of Search 2013. The topic of the podcast, The Future of SEO as a Revenue Opportunity, expanded on our presentation at State of Search […]