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I love this test. Its a great way to put your content messaging to the test in its most basic form. achieve approach automotive blog business career case charles check clients company construction contact content design difference digital email engine evolve help important labs louis map marketing media mention mo monitoring opportunities optimization philosophy pine […]

Google reminds us they have social search by sharing it with the world and snubs facebook

Next week Google is going to roll out their social search integration globally. Some might argue this is in response to Bing’s Facebook integration announced a few days ago.

In the video below, Google takes you through the basic components to the social search results and how it can enhance the experience of search, essentially citing the ability to use your peer network to make better decisions.

Defining the Value of Local SEO

I’ve found time and again that local business owners want to rank well for local searches but they have a hard time estimating what it is worth to their business. While there is a great article on Determining the Value of SEO over at SEOBook.com, this guide seeks to focus more on the value of local SEO. For this tutorial we will be using examples related to St. Louis SEO terms because this is how we determine the value of ranking for specific terms within our industry.

YouTube SEO – Can YouTube Channels Really Improve Video SEO Rankings?

Can YouTube Channels Really Improve Video SEO Rankings? Yes. Using YouTube channels to improve video SEO rankings is a proven method thanks to the incredible popularity of YouTube.  It happens to be the largest video site in existence. Something even more impressive than that is the fact that YouTube comes in as the 4th largest website online-period.