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Not Provided Podcast: The Future of SEO as a Revenue Opportunity

This week, Derek was excited to join the guys on the Not Provided Podcast, a podcast covering social media, SEO, and all things digital marketing. We met Damon Gochneaur, one of the hosts, at State of Search 2013. The topic of the podcast, The Future of SEO as a Revenue Opportunity, expanded on our presentation at State of Search […]

Effective Budget Flighting

One of the most evident advantages of pay-per-click advertising is the ability to control how much of a budget is spent over short periods. If your campaign or ad messaging fails to deliver the expected volume of clicks, you can easily pause a campaign or adjust the spend to prevent wasting more dollars on ineffective marketing.

One means of regulating your media spend is budget flighting. Budget flighting simply means you allocate more media dollars in specific time frames than others. The strategy behind flighting is often based on seasonality or product offerings a such as special pricing or promotions.

Meet our spring intern, Glendon!

This week we’re welcoming a new intern to Evolve Digital Labs. Glendon is a senior at Lindenwood, where he is majoring in Interactive Media and Web Design. He will primarily be helping out with internal reporting, data analysis, and research projects as well as contributing industry trend pieces to the blog and other Evolve publications. […]

Setting Up Google+ for Health Systems

As the product of the most powerful search engine in the world, Google+ is strongly integrated into local search results. For this reason, we highly recommend investing in building a brand presence. In this post, you will learn how to navigate the Google+ platform and how to effectively manage a Google+ Business page.

Adding Keyword Research to your Healthcare Marketing Plan

Health care marketers have a strong history of resorting to traditional advertising to build brand awareness and reach a wide audience. From billboards to TV spots, organizations are emptying significant portions of their budgets on mass marketing channels. But are these advertisements increasing the number of surgeries performed each year?


Critical Tips for Measuring Healthcare PPC

Paid search advertising, when implemented correctly, can provide numerous benefits to a health care organization. To name a few, paid search enables healthcare providers to target a niche audience, lower the cost per lead, increase the number of scheduled procedures, and better understand the needs of their patients. However, without tracking and measuring your efforts, marketing your medical practice effectively is highly unlikely. The PPC Team at Evolve Digital Labs is a Google Partner, and thus are recognized as experts in Paid Search. We are obsessed with measuring, so today Iam going to walk you through the best practices.


SEO Considerations for Responsive Design

Itas no surprise that the use of Internet on mobile devices continues to rise at an exponential rate, weare all constantly attached to our phones and tablets.  It has been estimated that nearly half of all local searches are occurring on a mobile device. It has also been projected that in 2014, the use of mobile Internet will surpass that of fixed Internet overall.


Search engines recognize this trend anda strive toa promote results optimized for mobile use. In short, Google hasa started rewarding sites that havea mobile-friendly design with higher rankings and opportunity. So essentially, there are no reasons to NOT optimize your site for mobile.

Content Creation: Still Relevant or Just a Trend?

Come January, my Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook feeds always receive an influx of posts that reveal marketing predictions for the upcoming year. These articles proclaim the retirement of outdated tactics and prepare a thirsty audience for marketing tips and trends. One piece of advice I typically encounter is more than just a trend a and when implemented strategically, it will become the core of your online presence. I’m talking, of course, about content creation.

People are catching on

Even before it was essentially mandated via Googleas Penguin and Panda updates, Evolve Digital Labs urged clients to invest in sustainable online improvements. Building a websiteas authority and visibility in results pages requires more effort than most are willing to pay for, but it advanced the companies several steps ahead of those still relying on SEO shortcuts.


Do You Know the Four Benefits of Google+ for Healthcare?

Google+ is a social media network many people and businesses have avoided investing much time in. While Google proudly reports 300 million active users, the reality is that Googleas perception of an aactivea user is rather generous. Still, there are four main benefits for brands, particularly health care organizations, that invest in setting up and monitoring a Google+ page. Google-plus-healthcare