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You Can't Ignore Mobile Healthcare (mHealth)

Each year, more people use mobile devices to access the internet a so it shouldn’t come as a shock to realize that more people are searching for health information from their tablets and smart phones. A mobile site can benefit current or potential customers differently than a desktop version because those searching via handheld devices are often closer to conversion a and therefore, are looking for specific information.


Who uses mobile?

Patients search for symptoms and facility directions from their phones. Physicians and administrators use tablets and smart phones to research and ultimately choose specific health care products. Whether you’re a health care provider or a B2B brand that supplies health products, we strongly recommend exploring Google Analytics to determine the volume of visitors coming to your website through a mobile device. This will help you gauge the importance of investing in this product.

Blog Ideas for Patient Engagement

Successful health care organizations understand how a blog can act as a driving force in their health care marketing strategy. Blogs allow medical professionals to produce fresh content, boost the siteas visibility in searches, provide meaningful, relevant answers, and to position physicians, facility or practice as an authority. hospital-blog-content

More than likely, youare not going to acquire patients because you published an article that lists which vegetables have the most fiber. However, there are several benefits to continually updating your blog with fresh content:

  • Keep current patients informed and in a health-centric state-of-mind
  • Develop a reputation as a trustworthy, proactive health care brand
  • Involve physicians to share their expertise and build awareness
  • Promote events, brand achievements, and staff additions
  • Share patient stories and spread support

Team Evolve Gives Thanks

Itas been another fantastic year at Evolve! We’ve grown by adding some phenomenally talented new team members and had the opportunity to work with some stellar clients a both new and continuing relationships. In keeping with tradition (two years makes it a tradition, right?) below is a list of what each team member is thankful for this year. We hope this gives you a little insight into our team and who we are. Enjoy!

Improving Patient Outcomes: Online and Offline

The importance of content on a hospital website canat be overstated. It engages and informs readers, while also enabling a hospitalas website to rank for terms that relate to the services provided. Content creation is necessary. But in the realm of healthcare, wherein the organizationas central purpose is to heal, content alone is not enough.


An article by Clinical Endocrinology News reports that patients only retain about 10% of the information from doctors during a visit, and only half leave with an understanding of their treatment plan. Whether blindsided by a surprising diagnosis, unable to understand medical jargon, or resistant to ask questions, patients are leaving their doctor appointments with little support for reaching a better health state. Thatas not okay.

Help Us Welcome Adam Hallas

We are proud to welcome Adam Hallas to our team as Senior Online Growth Strategist. Before coming to Evolve, Adam worked at allvolleyball.com and MonsterCommerce/NetworkSolutions. Adam brings 10 years of e-commerce and Search Marketing experience to help grow the opportunity potential for each client that works with us.


Adam is also a KU fan, which he feels has made him a lone man in a den of Tiger fans (but fear not, Adam, you’re only outnumbered by two).

Why are some hospitals wildly successful online?

Itas hard not to notice the buzz of healthcare best practices. Nearly every social media platform is constantly sharing, retweeting, and liking blog posts about Mayo Clinicas patient engagement efforts and Cleveland Clinicas email campaigns. Evolve does it too. These brands are leaders in care; each organizationas online presence reflects its outstanding reputation that precedes the digital age.


SharePoint Tips for Digital Healthcare Marketing

Content produced by health care organizations a such as emails, website pages, and patient resources a provides essential medical information and resources to both physicians and patients. But content does more than simply educate. It builds trust. It cultivates a relationship. In order to ensure the content youave generated reaches the right audience, there are specific ways your brand must communicate the value to search engines.


How can hospitals use social media?

On Tuesday, Tabitha and I attended a half-day social media workshop. The speaker, Michael Brito, presented the concept of a Social Business Strategy, which is a communications model that relies on both internal (employees, partners) and external (customers, partners, media) in order to receive maximum value. Regardless of the size of a company, it can be extremely difficult to rationalize investing time and money in social media a especially when it can be equally difficult to know how to measure the efforts.