Retargeting: Advances in Search Engine Marketing

Lately Iave been stuffing my brain with as much Search knowledge as possible. It takes me back to the days of college general education courses, which pried me from my element and exposed my weaknesses. Iam really into literature, words, and language. Letas discuss the internal conflicts of Fahrenheit 451. Please, though, donat make me mess with fractions.

May the Fours(quare) be with you.


Are you using Foursquare? We all love achecking ina to places because itas a fast, easy way to alert friends and family of what weare up to, whether itas shopping at a trendy outlet, ordering drinks at a dive, or attending a concert. Essentially, itas a way to shout out to the world how popular and social we are. aBe jealous,a we might as well say, abecause weare here and youare not!a

Spending Time with the Family and Losing Digital Connection

Going dark. It doesn't sound like it is a big deal. It probably shouldn't be a big deal at all, but I could count on one hand the number of days I have gone completely dark from my business since 2009. That doesn't mean I havent taken more than a few days off from work since '09, it just means I haven't unplugged.

SEO for Video

So you made a video and uploaded it to your site. But how do you make sure that people actually watch it? Whether the video cost thousands of dollars to produce, or it was a one-man (you being the man) project that was tackled during your spare time, if itas important enough to be posted on your site, then it deserves to be watched and enjoyed.

Challenge #3 Change one thing at Evolve

I am not afraid to adapt. I thrive in it. I am not afraid to be proven wrong over time. I named our company Evolve because in this industry, what is efficient today might be made obsolete tomorrow. A huge part of that is willingness to change. If I look closely at all of the things we have changed here at Evolve: Digital Labs over the years, the common thread is in execution of work. We work on knowing and challenging our business everyday.