Follow Finder: A Simple Twitter Tool for Network Development

When we get called upon by a client to help establish or spruce up their Twitter strategy, a consistent challenge is how to develop the network of connections. Getting followers is of course a primary function, but most social media experts will tell you learning to listen is a key function for success. So how do you listen? Find profiles that are contributors to your desired conversations, and follow. Right? Unfortunately it's not that easy.

Setting up goals in Google Analytics

How do I set up goals in Google Analytics and why would I want to? So what is the benefit of taking the time to set this up? Well for most businesses it can allow you to define ROI on different channels of advertising or marketing.

Writing Effective Web Content

Itas strange: when facing a blinking cursor, some of the best communicators in the world suddenly forget how to communicate. This presents a big problem for many companies. Writing content for the web isn't like writing for your professor in college or your boss. Web content requires a different format and a different voice.

A Visual Look into Spam and Link Farms

With the shock of panda/farmer update a few months behind us, slowly but surely data is coming out and contributing to the certainty of the update. I often forget that in order to effectively and quickly assess data you need the information to presented in a simple and digestible format. We keep our reports for clients as singularly focused as possible, while still effectively reporting on the progress of goals. Itas the simple one-thing-to-get imagery that makes communicating an otherwise complex data set, palatable.

Microsoft's Purchase of Skype and What it means...

Buying Skype gives Microsoft a connection to 8.8 million paid accounts along with about 660 million other users world-wide. This is unlike Microsoft, which is not know for its big splash purchases. Most recently Microsoft has stepped up their marketing and search efforts with Bing. Just a few weeks ago Bing released a new webmasters tool to compete with Google and connect with website owning world.

Not sure if an IPad2 is a worthwhile investment?