Your Strategy Will…

Build the framework for your online success by answering the why and the how
Your audit collects and organizes your online market correctly so that you can easily digest the wealth of data online about your online opportunity. From your audit, a strategic framework can be created to reach your business goals. Application of your unique selling proposition is also not strategic.

Your most valuable customer is going online conducting searches every day. These customers are searching for answers with an outcome in mind but not a specific product or service. The strategy developed will create the framework to answer and solve for your customer’s job.

Discovering the language your most valuable customers use indicates the knowledge gap in your customer’s path to purchase. Provide the answers to your customers why to force them to take the next step by delivering the information they need in the purchase path.

Selecting Market Segments for Profitable Growth

Each segment of your true market will be placed in one of the following job step buckets; defining, locating, confirming, and executing. Through these steps, the website will have a clear understanding of the knowledge gaps in content for your customer’s why and how at any point of their process. Delivering the content to fill the knowledge gaps for your customers will create less friction on your customer’s path to purchase.

Bridging Knowledge Gaps by Providing Value

Understanding the job steps of your primary customer from keyword research, we can segment those keywords and evaluate your website for any gaps in knowledge in answering your customers objections to purchase. Many organizations do a good job of either providing the value in answering the why or giving validation of the how of their product or service. Your job as a business is to promote value and validate the needs of your customers by answering the why and the how.

Creating Acquisition Models through Custom Dashboard Reporting

Your business metrics will be used to create a custom dashboard to track and evaluate the key metrics that contribute to your business’ ability to reach business goals. Aligning traditional online marketing metrics and online opportunity with your business goals will determine your overall ability to achieve expected growth. Creating a strategic acquisition model from the dashboard data will provide the opportunity to discover if the online opportunity is available to hit business goals or if expectations need to be re-evaluated.

Developing your Strategic Framework for Growth

Improving your ability to promote value and provide validation to your customers will be the product of your strategy. Your customer’s job map will give you the road map to build online processes on how to acquire more customers by solving their why and how. After your strategy is developed you will have all the necessary information to create content and tools for answering your most valuable customer’s questions to be the solution for their desired outcome.

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