Capitalizing on New Opportunities

Finding and capitalizing on new opportunities is critical to the success of most online operations.

With each new website visitor there are two options – a conversion and click through, which lead to a sale or to a dissatisfied searcher, who keeps looking… eventually becoming a loyal supporter somewhere else.

While that may seem like the most basic explanation of commerce online, Evolve Digital Labs unique audit strategy delves deeper, analyzing the factors driving conversions, and the obstacles standing in the way. Here’s how our audit can work for you.

When equipped with the right tools that enable effective communication, a website can provide the brand’s consumers with solutions to their needs. The first step in the assessment process is to evaluate on-site performance, ensuring the website is accomplishing this goal.

We review the health of a site usability and content, which include analyzing everything from the speed in which a page loads, domain authority, to the SERP rank, and how that stacks up against competitors. We take into account the optimum user experience, layout and design, and review content to ensure a user’s needs are being met, with clear solutions.

We will bring to the forefront issues that need immediate attention as well as barriers to successful SEM/SEO and organic traffic.

Included in the audit process is also a deep look at target customers. We research the resources they use, how often and why. We discover their language, and help businesses determine whom to pursue online. We’ll help your business pursue your true market.

True Market

A closer look at competition is needed to learn the threats in any given marketplace, whether that is new digital applications, or traditional media.

The marketplace may have a different look depending on the consumer. Our thorough analysis details the ideal consumer and the desired outcome.

Additionally reviewing the marketing mix is crucial, every channel, impression and visitor has a value.

If you’d like the team at Evolve Digital Labs to share insight on your website and how to make it better contact us today.