Fortune 500 Telecom Provider

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Fortune 500 Telecom Provider

This client helps businesses achieve better results by delivering telecommunication solutions that are faster and more reliable. Its high-quality internet, television programming, and phone services are unmatched in the telecom industry.

In the Client's Own Words

"Evolve Digital Labs has been a terrific partner since we started working with them in 2011. Not only are they dynamic in their thinking and utilize innovative technology, the team is always attentive to our needs and constantly watching out for our bottom line."

Amy Kim
Director of Marketing

Proof is in the Numbers


Brand Equity & Affiliate Marketing

When a national telecom provider first came to us for help with its Pay Per Click campaigns, it soon clear that the client was losing millions due to the structure of the affiliate program. By allowing affiliate members to bid on brand terms, this brand essentially drove up its own marketing costs, putting itself at a disadvantage.

Having no existing operational guidelines in place, affiliate marketers were free to operate as desired without fear of reprisal. Through the development of comprehensive marketing guidelines, whose validity were quantified during a phased implementation, Evolve reestablished control of brand positioning and messaging.

Upon completion of the four-week test, the client saw a measurable increase in site traffic from branded terms. There was also an ongoing decrease in media spend that exceeded six figures.

The guidelines, which were implemented over a four-week timeline, required affiliates to apply a progressive and aggressive bid reduction strategy. The gradual execution allowed Evolve to definitively measure the impact of bid reduction on cost-per-click, overall ad positioning, and cost-per-acquisition. The results showed a decrease in both cost-per-click and cost-per-acquisition – without any reduction in ad positioning.

By requiring the affiliate members to operate in the best interest of the client, and not its own profitability, Evolve reduced its client's required investment to maintain first position on branded terms. Incrementally, Evolve decreased the commissions paid to affiliates by preventing use of “black hat” tactics. Upon completion of the four-week test, the client saw a measurable increase in site traffic via branded traffic and a significant decrease in media spending.

Beyond Affiliate Marketing

Landing pages are an essential part of any successful Pay Per Click campaign. When Evolve was contracted, the majority of the landing pages were not well optimized.

A landing page’s job is to deliver on and provide the answer to a singular need.

The majority of the pages in use attempted to fulfill multiple needs, which resulted in an overall inadequate fulfillment of the pages intended purpose. 

Creating landing pages that match the messaging from the Pay Per Click advertisement allow for increased success of the paid campaigns. Evolve developed customized landing pages, which provided greater content focus, keyword relevancy, higher click-thru rates, and improved quality scores. The landing page functionality and topic-focus resulted in a 6% cost-per-click decrease, while increase the overall conversion rate by 57% to over 5.5% overall.


Improved landing page functionality and topic-focus resulted in a 6% cost-per-click decrease, while increasing the overall conversion rate by 57% to over 5.5% overall

Addition By Subtraction

Negative keywords are an invaluable, grossly underutilized means of increasing traffic quality without forced reduction in traffic volume. Preventing ad serving on irrelevant search queries affords the ability to increase positioning and market saturation on qualified queries without incremental investment. Over the course of two years, the Evolve paid search team has added over 1.5 million negative keywords to the paid search campaigns. 

Negative keyword expansion is a perpetual process. Evolve strives to provide the most qualified and relevant traffic to our clients websites. Attention to detail and value added to their business goals has allowed Evolve to develop the type of relationship that we strive for with every client, a partnership. We consider ourselves an extension of our clients business and brand, and as such feel an immense responsibility to foster growth wherever possible. No exceptions.

1.5 million negative keywords have prevented irrelevant search queries while maintaining position and increasing qualified queries

How Can Your Business Achieve Similar Success?

Working with Evolve starts with an audit. 

An audit from Evolve is more than website errors and title tag structure. We explore your business and target market to isolate your most valuable customer. Your most valuable customer is whom your marketing efforts target to cut down on driving the wrong traffic to your business.

Conducting keyword research reveals your true market size and along with your most valuable customer will identify your online opportunity. Understanding your most valuable customer combined with aligning your business goals and online opportunity will define what is your cost for growth.

I can help your company learn about the customer, competition, and opportunity online. We organize data to help your team align customer needs with their products and services online to achieve disproportionately high value from marketing spend across all digital channels.
Laura Poole
Audit and Project Manager

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