Lead Generation from Consumer Data and Behavior Application

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Lead Generation from Consumer Data and Behavior Application

InteliSpend is a prepaid company and developer of DirectSpend, a process for universal and selective acceptance for prepaid cards. InteliSpend boasts a roster of 300 of the Fortune 500 with millions of cards in circulation.

In the Client's Own Words

“With Evolve Digital Labs on the InteliSpend team we not only get access to in depth knowledge of today’s Search Marketing landscape, we get a window into tomorrow’s. On top of that, the Evolve team are all very personable, genuine and a pleasure to work with. We are very excited and confident in the work we are doing and look forward to a long partnership.”

Mike Luhning
Director - Creative and Digital Marketing, InteliSpend


Starting with an audit, we were able to discover areas of opportunity, their current barriers in the industry and their target audience to increase traffic and leads generated online. This first step is critical to understanding where you’ve been and where you need to go.

The first course of action was maximizing the efforts InteliSpend already had on the site by optimizing the content, ensuring that it would increase traffic and ultimately generate more leads online. Through an audit we were able to isolate the language of the customer and make sure that the content on the site reflected how their most valuable customers were searching for them.

Creating Assets and Building a PPC Campaign

After maximizing the content and website that existed, Evolve helped strategize a content piece that would drive traffic and generate leads through email submission. This piece became an instant success due to the design and depth of information. Not only were members of the prepaid industry liking it and linking to it, designers were as well.

When Evolve first took over the paid search campaign from InteliSpend, there were six landing pages that were not properly optimized. The first thing the PPC experts at Evolve did was reduce this number to 3 landing pages that were highly targeted for one core service.

Using the information found from the audit, Evolve created ad groups that were well connected to the service being searched by the most valuable customers. Focusing on one service allowed the paid campaign to lower cost per lead while increasing the total number of leads. Not only was there an increase in total leads, but the number of qualified leads jumped significantly as well.

Consumer Behavior and Data Applied

The content, growth strategy, and execution incorporated data from the audit and paid search. Because we knew what keywords were delivering the highest number of qualified leads from PPC, we were able to help InteliSpend create content that would lead to organic success. The intiatives for organic growth lead to increasing traffic by 299.57%, beating the projected goal by 73%.

From the engagement of visitors to the paid campaigns, we isolated consumer behavior to create the most comprehensive content piece on the web. Executing against the behavior and data, the campaign successfully increased traditional search marketing metrics, impressions, traffic, and rankings. It also delivered on increasing revenue and profit.

Organic initiatives lead to increasing traffic by 299.57%, beating the projected goal by 73% and eclisping 100,000 visits.

How Can Your Business Achieve Similar Success Online?

We first start with an audit. Our audit involves more than a quick analysis tool that simply returns site errors. We go beyond search marketing to deliver valuable insights about your customers and industry online.

We say that growth starts with understanding. That is why we start all clients with an audit. Your online opportunity and most valuable customer will be discovered through keyword research that can be aligned with your business goals to define what your cost for growth will be.

Applying the data from your audit, you can create the right messaging to be displayed in the right place at the right time. A better understanding of the online marketplace increases the value and validation of your investment. Start your audit today.

I can help your company add to the bottom-line through data-driven paid search programs. At Evolve Digital Labs, PPC is a test and target platform. We deliver customer and brand-centric solutions that help sell your products and services online, while learning about your customers.
Locke George
Director of Paid Search

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