Strong Organic Traffic for Profitable Terms

About The Client

Strong Organic Traffic for Profitable Terms

Ungerboeck is a global expert in event and management software, having acquired clients in more than 50 countries. Headquartered in St. Louis, MO, Ungerboeck also has regional offices in Germany, France, Australia, and China.

In the Client's Own Words

"Evolve guided us as we rebuilt our entire site from the ground up, and essentially put us through an ‘SEO bootcamp’ including an audit of our past site and extensive training on best practices."

Rebecca Rutherford
Digital Content Strategist

The Proof is in the Numbers


Increasing Brand Awareness

Ungerboeck’s online goals were to increase brand awareness – in other words, be able to rank for terms that were related to services, not branded keywords. This client also wanted to establish itself as an industry expert online, which would require on-site elements that reflect authority and establish trust among visitors. Finally, Ungerboeck wanted its website to do more than just educate visitors – it wanted to generate leads. 

After implementing the on-site changes we recommended, our client began to see a steady growth in organic traffic over the next seven months. 

How did we start?

Before prescribing remedial direction to Ungerboeck, we started with a website audit. This allowed us to find the root of the client’s on-site issues, identify the market opportunity, and even learn what gave the competition an edge online.

One of the first red flags we noticed was the amount of errors on the client’s website. In March 2013, a month before we started the website audit, moved to a new content management system. This transition resulted in an unhealthy spike in 404 Not Found errors and 500 server errors. Of the top ten landing pages from the past year, three were leading to a 404 Not Found page, severely disrupting user experience. Analytics showed that the majority of traffic abandoning the website did so after encountering a 404 page.

We also explained to our client that the URL structure for many pages was inadequate according to search engines’ standards, but it could be improved by removing unnecessary parameters and including relevant keywords. had a high volume of quality content, but it was disorganized and difficult to find. Many of the pages had too many links on the page, which search engines consider to be a flaw in usability. We recommended housing rich content like webinars and case studies within a resource section, then adding a link to the global navigation.

Insight from Keyword Research

Through keyword research, we were able to prioritize content based on what would appeal to visitors in different stages of the purchase funnel. Broad keywords that represent a significant amount of traffic should be targeted on pages that exist on first-tier navigation. Keywords that represent qualified searchers determine how the website should be organized, what critical content is missing, and how internal pages should link to one another.

We developed a content strategy that outlined how Ungerboeck could achieve favorable rankings for key terms. The strategy included recommendations for content ideas, length, audience segmentation, and the frequency at which it should be added to the website.

Ungerboeck was serious about its business goals. The brand developed a plan to put our recommendations in to action. 


Recommendations put in action

Ungerboeck was serious about its business goals. The brand developed a plan to put our recommendations in to action. Fixing on-site errors was a priority, as an unhealthy website is detrimental to user experience and its ability to rank in search engines. By referencing keyword research, Ungerboeck was better prepared to focus on catering to the needs of website visitors. Our client improved the organization of its website content and added a resource section to the global navigation. In addition to rearranging the location of content, Ungerboeck also made changes to the copy and pages that broke up information more clearly and allowed for enhanced readability. 

Organic growth for important keywords

After implementing the on-site changes we recommended, our client began to see a steady growth in organic traffic over the next seven months.

For the search term “event management software,” which represents the ideal target audience, our client saw substantial improvements. The Event Management Software landing page ranked in the top six search results in Google, resulting in a 310% increase in organic traffic to the website. Additionally, because visitors to the website were led to informational, focused pages, the conversion rate increased while the abandonment rate decreased. 

Ungerboeck continues to improve the customer experience and its online presence by segmenting the audience with valuable, targeted content.

I can help your company add to the bottom-line through data-driven online growth strategies. We deliver customer and brand-centric solutions that help your products and services achieve disproportionately high value from marketing spend across all digital channels.
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