Challenge #3 Change one thing at Evolve

I am not afraid to adapt. I thrive from it. I am not afraid to be proven wrong over time. I named our company Evolve because in this industry, what is efficient today might be made obsolete tomorrow. A huge part of that is willingness to change. If I look closely at all of the things we have changed here at Evolve Digital Labs over the years, the common thread is in the execution of work. We work on knowing and challenging our business everyday. As I wrote in a letter to myself for challenge number one, it’s all about the people working in our organization. We need to help them not just with tools and improved processes, but more importantly, with personal growth. Without mutual planning for the employee and the company, mutual satisfaction seems unlikely. For long term commitments from employees you need to provide satisfaction along the way. When it is put in simple terms like that, it makes me feel embarrassed how neglectful I have been. So, no longer.

To Start: I went to the goog and found this Employee Performance Review that breaks down the core categories I would like to discuss.

1. Job/ Technical Knowledge

2. Problem Solving and Decision Making

3. Planning and Organization

4. Communication Verbal and Written

5. Teamwork Personal Skills

6. Company Policy

7. Self Management

There is also ample space to review the goals from the previous review, along with make new ones. With the right tool in place, I started an internal debate: at what intervals should these take place? Once a year isn’t close to enough. Once every six months seems reasonable, but considering the change this company has seen in its first 3 years, even that seems slightly underwhelming. I found the answer in this logic: the average employee at Evolve is going to work about 48 weeks in a calendar year. That equates to about 1920 hours. If I met with an employee for 30 minutes every 90 days on goals and performance, we are spending a limited tenth of a percent. For now, that is where we will start. I am not sure anyone wants to spend that much goal-driven quality time with me anyway. Finally, I would be somewhat of a hypocrite if I didn’t give my employees the opportunity to review my performance as well. So every 90 days I will send out one for my review to everyone, let the truth ring out. This post is part of Derek’s 30-in-30 Project. Click here to learn more about it from the initial introduction