Why We Stopped Making Content and Started Making Products

Content Marketing Works

First let me defuse those fuming. Ok, so content marketing works. For Evolve Digital Labs, as a brand, the value of content creation is clear. However, we have witnessed and experienced first hand how quickly the value of content can change. For better or worse.

The Scale of Content Production

When EDL first rolled out a list of services content marketing offered hope to challenged brands and small companies. It provided the opportunity to be found and be useful. That same opportunity exists today, the challenge now, is the average enterprise company has figured this out as well. So just like the production challenges the SMB against enterprise, content for the purpose of digital transformation has become a war of scale.

The Value of Search Engine Result Pages

We look at a web page differently than most. It is an asset, a business asset. And assets are meant to be monetized. In fact, that is really the entire game of business, how can I increase the value of X, while I make it for less. SERPs are no different, in fact, Google is kind enough to do the heavy lifting for you, if you are willing to pay.


So why not determine the most valuable assets at your disposal online and work towards reducing the cost of sale, while increasing the value? Can a single piece of content do that? In most cases the answer is no. Especially today, when your industry leaders have started to drive up the price of admission for everyone else.

Queries Change, Jobs Don’t

I place the obsession of keywords squarely on the search professionals. Not Google. Over time the search professional convinced the sales and marketing teams that keywords are one-to-one with a customer trying to buy or solve a problem. That keywords should be one-to-one with pages, content, rankings.

That’s a myopic and dangerous perspective. We aren’t in the search marketing business; we are in the growth business. We are not in the ranking business, we sell. We are not in the content marketing business, we help companies, including ourselves, build products and experiences online that increase the value of their presence.

Strategyn case study

It’s the Music, Not the Tape

The real issue with content marketing and why we stopped investing so much time in content creation ourselves can best be demonstrated by the music industry. When you write a blog post, create an infographic, make a video or whatever piece of content you can possibly dream up, chances are you created material that at best is the means to the end.



People want less of the how-to and more of the tada. Most of the content we are tirelessly creating has a finite shelf life. Just like every cassette I’ve owned. There are classic albums, that have been produced on every distributable medium possible and people who have purchased them all.

They don’t really want the record, the cassette, cd, or even the mp3. They want the music, the ability to take it with them, and the consumption of a product that satisfies an unmet need only satisfied by Miles Davis, Pink Floyd, or The Beatles.

Evolve Digital Labs is committed to getting a job done, not just satisfying a single query. We are in pursuit of a classic.