Derek’s Big News: The 30-in-30 Project

Derek is requesting dares of all sorts, no matter what industry you are a part of. As he said in the video, however, they have to be able to be completed in one day because he is documenting his progress throughout the entire duration. Additionally, the challenges must somehow pertain to his abilities as a boss and business professional. In other words, Derek is probably not going to partake in the Gallon Challenge unless you can somehow convince him that it will directly improve his skills in client relationships. But of course, it doesn’t, so don’t even try. We know what you’re thinking. One realistic example would be telling him to face the criticism of his employees. After all, it’s pretty important for your employees to like you.

In Derek’s case, however, the suggestion box would be empty. Consider this an opportunity to help Derek approach age 30 like no one has ever dared. This guy is seeking homework for his birthday presents. As far as humbling birthdays go, Derek’s 30th takes the cake.

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  1. […] Dear Derek, You are not going to believe this, but you actually accomplish a few things in your life you never thought possible. Starting with making it to your 30th birthday (maybe slightly assumptive but…) You started this company with lofty expectations, all of which are still in play and seem obtainable. Obtainable to the point you drive into work every morning with a cheshire grin. Please find some solitude in that, because challenging days are ahead. No seriously. It’s tough enough to weather your baby face. A second kiddo doesn’t help either, but that’s another letter for another day. Here is a heads up on the things you need to know, embrace, and live. 1. The world will not move any faster for you, no matter how many hours you work. Regardless of the midnight oil you burn or nay-sayers you take on. 2. People are your most important asset, treat them accordingly, but do not waste time on penny stock employees. Hire right or fire quick. 3. Managing people is hard, especially wrong people. Managing a process is easier. 4. Confidence as an owner comes from your team and their capabilities. 5. It’s ok to turn down work, in fact, your greatest mistakes come from challenges that are off the goal path. It will cost you sleep and professional respect. The latter being exponentially more important. 6. Learn to delegate, it is more fun to watch others succeed. I promise. 7. Bad client relationships do not get better and dignity’s price tag starts/ends with respect. To hell with the rest. 8. Do not worry about what the competition is doing, this is a big one. It’s absolutely magical what will start to happen when you focus solely on what you are doing and where you want to go. 9. Failures are not detours. They are just part of the journey. Actually overcoming mistakes or failure is much more rewarding and gratifying than most success. 10. If you continue to consume IPA’s at your current rate, you need to live at the gym. Its not pretty. 11. Build a company that you would kill to work for, because you do. 12. Humility is the bifocal for business. Believe it. If you can recognize and understand these things as they happen or even after, you will be me. An extremely grateful person. Actually, you can forget all these things if, you just remember success is a state of mind and not a physical place. Keep good on the promises you have made to yourself and your family. You will never regret making good on those. regards, Derek Mabie This post is part of Derek’s 30-in-30 Project. Click here to learn more about it from the initial introduction. […]

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