Elective Health Care

Strategically cater to the elective patient

How can your brand reach someone searching for elective care? The answer is simple: Start in the search engines. You can restrict your budget spend on the audience that is actively searching for information. Turn leads into conversions by strategically optimizing your website.

How can you save money on the patient acquisition process?

Of the population, only a small fraction is in need of elective care. Running a radio advertising spot might deliver tens of thousands of impressions – but what percentage of listeners is even interested in your service? Paid search campaigns drastically narrow the audience to which ads are exposed. Furthermore, your organization only pays when visitors click through to the page. Retargeting is a form of Paid Search that tracks visitors on external websites to subtly remind them of your services.

By marketing to an audience that is interested enough to be proactively searching for solutions, your marketing dollars will be spent more effectively than ever. Instead of considering impressions and reach, you can focus on the metrics that matter – leads and conversions.

What tools will we use for marketing elective care?

The number one tool you will use is your website. In addition to serving as a digital home base for your brand, your website is able to capture leads, educate visitors, and build trust. Patients today, especially in elective care, are prone to performing significant amounts of research before making a call to schedule a consultation.

Email campaigns are another tool we will use to ensure leads are properly taken advantage of. Some visitors aren’t quite in the position to make an appointment with you, or they may still be deciding between organizations. A strategic email campaign draws them in further, providing both educational resources and an easy way for them to facilitate the next steps.

Finally, we access analytics regularly to verify that our marketing efforts are performing to our expectations. Measuring allows us to better understand the needs of patients, and we can apply the data to future campaigns, landing pages, and supplemental content.