Google Expanded Text Ads

 Google is testing a major shift in the way AdWords text ads are offered. Expanded text Ads have more space to highlight messaging about an advertisers products and services.  Google’s goal with ETAs is to enhance the user experience and accommodate shoppers and searchers in a mobile-first world.

Expanded Text Ads

Headlines are going from 25 characters to two lines of copy, with  30 characters for each line. The description line now allows for 80 characters, instead of two lines with 35 characters.  Display URLs have been updated to include up to two paths, with additional text space for enticing customers to act.

Expanded Text Ads
Current Text Ads
2x 30 Character Headlines
1x 25 Character Headline
80 Character Description2x 35 Character Description
2x Path (not including domain) Each with 15 Character Limit1x Path 35 Character Limit (including domain)

The change comes on the heels of another big development this spring, which removed right rail ads from the Search Engine Results Page.

What‘s the Advantage to ETAs?

It’s anticipated the expanded text ads will be beneficial for click-through-rate.  Ads with site links and callout extensions tend to have a higher CTR. Our strategists anticipate click-through-rates could jump between 8 to 20 percent for ETAs.

It should be noted, that because Google is testing this ad format extended ETAs will only likely be served about 20% of the time.

Google has said ETAs will roll out to all Ad-Words users in January 2017.

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