Google reminds us they have social search by sharing it with the world and snubs facebook

Next week Google is going to roll out their social search integration globally. Some might argue this is in response to Bing’s Facebook integration announced a few days ago.

In the video below, Google takes you through the basic components to the social search results and how it can enhance the experience of search, essentially citing the ability to use your peer network to make better decisions. As I mentioned in a previous post on Bing and Facebook integration, I believe this is the search engines trying to separate themselves and their ability to incorporate your social peers.

Why wouldn’t they? We have proven to be social junkies, not only in time spent on site, but frequency through out the day. I believe it is a race to provide the most integrated social experience as possible. I wonder if AOL would have maintained a competitive search solution and social integration would they have lost so much?

So here it is. Oh and guess what social network is lying on the cutting room floor?