Health Care Growth

Your Market is being disrupted. Do you know where your opportunity for growth lives online? Our industry expertise can guide you throughout the outcome-driven marketing process to identify the opportunity, set forth a plan, measure, and watch it grow. We’ll help you attract the right people to your newly optimized, valuable website – and we’ll improve patient experiences online.

Improving Patient Experiences: Where Do We Start?

Simply ranking well in search engine results isn’t enough to improve online goals. Once people reach your site, there’s still the difficult task of enabling them to complete the jobs they expect to finish. Once the baseline of customers’ needs is identified through the Audit, we can produce content that will facilitate tasks on the website.

Data from the audit also illuminates which service lines are awarded the highest priority in terms of budget allocation. In the Growth stage, Evolve will ensure these high-priority service lines are effectively represented online and have the ability to funnel patients to task-oriented pages on the website.

To reduce readmission rates and ultimately enhance the quality of care delivered, Evolve will help you put processes in place that enable more efficient patient communication and organization of information.

How Can Evolve Help You Reach Goals?

Before we start any work with you, we will discuss your organization’s specific goals. From that point on, every recommendation, strategy, and discussion will first filter through the goals of your organization. Most online goals start with directing the right audience to your website, often through a combination of PPC, organic search, social media, and outreach. Keyword research allows us to specify which people we want to send messages to. Paying for visibility to only the audience that is most receptive to your services will greatly reduce the amount of wasted budget spend. Finally, we will ensure that all marketing efforts are aligned with the overall brand goals we’ve discussed.

How is this measured?

Arguably the greatest advantage of using your website as a tool for patient acquisition is the ability to measure the effectiveness of the work. Through forms, we can capture leads. Carefully-managed PPC campaigns garner a low cost-per-click. Paid Search also illuminates which terms are resonating with searchers enough to prompt a click. Finally, tracking URLs allows for measuring the value of content.

When multiple tactics online work congruently as one holistic plan, the success of each effort can be translated on the other channels. Growth is inevitable.