Meet Michael Zandstra

This week, we welcomed Michael Zandstra to the team as Senior Product Engineer. His experience in application programming and network architecture will help us continue to lead clients to success online. Read on to learn more about Michael’s background and interests.


Tell us about yourself.

After flirting with both biochemical engineering and marketing, I settled on a career in IT, with a specific interest in application and server architecture. I worked for several large companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Charter before transitioning to a engineering role with Derek’s team. I also pursue entrepreneurial ventures on my own time.

What’s your favorite web site?

The Website Is Down (, the most perfect encapsulation of a day in the life. If you haven’t seen the video, definitely watch it.

Also Hacker News ( Nested between all the javascript frameworks there is a lot of interesting stuff.

On a given weekend, you will probably be:

I’ll probably be working on some home improvement projects, working on cars, skydiving (usually ~5 jumps a weekend), fighting (mixed martial arts, for fun & exercise), playing music, volleyball, biking… Anything that looks interesting really.

What draws you to this industry?

The culture. Creative types are a lot more fun to be around, and I enjoy the agency-client dynamic as well.

Mac or PC?

Linux (w/ Windoze as a last resort)

What is the last book you read?

The Master Switch – Tim Wu

If you could have a beverage with anyone in the world, who would it be?

Alive–Elon Musk

Dead–Alexander the Great

Say we assign you Office DJ duty. What 3 artists would you be sure to play?

I enjoy music from all kinds of artists and genres. A few that I keep coming back to are:

Infected Mushroom

Girl Talk

A mix of my favorite cello pieces

Find Michael on Twitter and LinkedIn.