Help Us Welcome Adam Hallas

We are proud to welcome Adam Hallas to our team as Senior Online Growth Strategist. Before coming to Evolve, Adam worked at and MonsterCommerce/NetworkSolutions. Adam brings 10 years of e-commerce and Search Marketing experience to help grow the opportunity potential for each client that works with us.


Adam is also a KU fan, which he feels has made him a lone man in a den of Tiger fans (but fear not, Adam, you’re only outnumbered by two). We asked Adam some questions to get to know him a little better. Read on and learn more about this guy:

What’s your favorite web site?

I have way too many sites to look at, but I love SharesPost, Deadspin and Go ahead and judge.

On a given Friday night, you’ll probably be:

Enjoying a fine whiskey and watching a movie with my wife, Heather.

What draws you to this industry?

The conceptual portion of the industry. And the ability to take great ideas and boil them down into quantifiable data.

Mac or PC?

PC. You may continue the judging.

What’s the last book you read?

Thomas Edison’s biography. Currently working on Mark Twain’s. I should be finished with that by the time I enter a nursing home.

If you could have a beer with anyone in the world, who would it be?

Living: Neil Degrasse Tyson or Bill Murray Dead: John Belushi or Ernest Hemingway

Letas say we assign you “Office DJ” duty. What artists or songs would you be sure to play?

I like all kinds of music and the day that I DJ will be the worst music day you will have ever experienced. I will be like Lutz on 30 Rock…only able to pick/dj on one day a year.

Is there anything you want us (and the world) to know about you?

I attend KU football games. Not many people realize that Kansas has a football team. Come to mention it, I don’t think the KU football team realizes that they play football.
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