How Does Quality Score Impact Ad Rank?

Quality score is defined as Google’s overall rating of the relevance and quality of your PPC ads and the keywords used when creating them.

How is Quality Score Determined

Quality score is rated between 1 and 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the best possible quality. It is an estimate of the quality of your ads and the landing pages that are triggered by the keywords used in AdWords Ad campaigns.


How to Find your Quality Score

Your ad’s quality score can be found by running a keyword diagnosis or enabling the Qual. Score column in your account, and both options are  easy to do.

Running a Keyword Diagnosis:

  • Click the ‘Campaigns’ tab on top of your account page. 
  • Choose the ‘Keywords’ tab.
  • Click the white speech bubble icon that is next to any of your keywords and you will be able to see what its quality score is. You will be able to find the rating for your expected clickthrough rates, landing page experiences and ad relevance here as well.

Enabling the Qual. Score Column:

Click on ‘Campaigns’ in the top tab and select the ‘Keywords’ tab that appears.

Look for the Qual. Score column – you will find it in the statistics table. If you can’t see it there, you can add it in a few simple steps:

  •       Click the ‘Columns’ drop down menu that you will find in the toolbar above the statistics table.
  •       Click on ‘Modify Columns.’
  •       Select ‘Attributes.’
  •       Click on ‘Add’ next to where it says ‘Qual. Score’
  •       Click on ‘Save’ afterwards.

Qual Score Column Explainer2

How Quality Score Component Impacts Ad Rank

So how does quality score impact Ad Rank? Each time an internet user performs a search which triggers an ad that is competing in the AdWords  auction, Google calculates an Ad Rank. (Bid x Quality Score x Extensions)

The calculation that is performed will incorporate ad relevance; a site’s overall landing page experience, the bid you have placed and the auction-time measurements of the expected Click through Rate (CTR).

Improving the factors mentioned below will help you improve the quality components of your ad rank:

  • Targeted Devices: Have your ads been performing equally well across desktop, laptop and mobile devices and platforms?
  • Quality of your Landing Page: Is this easy to navigate and is it relevant and/or transparent?
  • Expected CTR of your ad: This will be based on your ad’s historical impressions and clicks.
  • Your display URL’s past CTR: This involves the historical clicks and impressions that have been received by your display URL.
  • Geographic Performance: If you are targeting specific regions with your ad, how successful has your campaign been overall?
  • Search and Ad Relevance: Is your ad’s text relevant to what a site visitor is searching for?

Higher quality ads will normally result in lower campaign costs and they will be placed in better positions than those of a poorer quality.

Rank & File

AdWords campaigns work best when ads are relevant and they are as close a match as possible to what site visitors are looking for. Ads that are relevant will be far more successful than those that aren’t. So what’s relevant? Check out the Evolve Digital Labs AdWords Grader today, to get a better understanding of your keyword relevancy, and overall AdWords performance.

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