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Tips for Display Remarketing

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Improving Keywords for Display

The Google Display Network shows your Google Adwords ads on websites that have opted-in to the Adsense program. Since the ads are not shown when web surfers “search,” you may have to configure and improve keywords to achieve the best results from your Display Network Advertising.

Before getting started on display it’s critical to make sure you’ve followed a few best-practices for choosing display keywords.

  • Make sure you establish the appropriate keyword ad groups, for the products and services you offer, so related ads are displayed.
  • Choose keywords which might appear on a website your target audience is likely to use.
  • Get new ad group and keyword ideas by leveraging the AdWords display planner.

Also don’t forget on the display network all keywords are considered broad match, so you will not have to include plurals, misspellings and other variants for keywords.
Here are a few tips for improving keywords for display—depending on whether you are looking to increase traffic or improve quality to increase conversions.

Here are a few tips for improving your keywords for display—depending on whether you are looking to increase traffic or improve quality to increase conversions.

  • Add Broader Keywords – While highly-targeted keywords can be quite powerful on search engines, broader topic keywords increase your ads’ eligibility to appear on many different types of websites.
  • Add New Keywords – Unique terms, concepts, and ideas improve the traffic flow to your site. Think a bit outside the box and consider ways to connect an ad to an interior website page, or new landing page if applicable.
  • Increase Bid on Best Keywords – The keywords that have the best performance, and highest click thru may benefit from an increased bid.
  • Consider Keyword Insertion – The keyword insertion tool can update your ad text to include one of the keywords that triggered it. Showing customers the subject they searched for makes the ad more relevant and “clickable” for potential clients.


  • Add Specific Keywords – While broader keywords give your ad (and site) more visibility, specific keywords are more likely to attract customers that will convert.
  • Decrease Bid on Worst Keywords – If some keywords aren’t performing as well as others, decrease your cost-per-click and utilize your budget in other areas.
  • Exclude Terms – Excluding certain keywords can prevent your ad from showing on non-relevant websites.
  • Exclude Placements – Another idea is to exclude placements that do not meet your business goals or that aren’t relevant.
  • Utilize the Conversion Optimizer – The Conversion Optimizer is a simple tool that uses your Conversion Tracking Data to improve conversion rate/ad spend.

While it is possible to make a big impact on your Google Display Network ad performance by adjusting configurations, it is important to realize that these ads are just part of the bigger digital marketing picture.