How to Improve Quality Score

Your AdWords Quality Score can have a major impact on your entire campaign from the top down – from the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns to the costs and everything in between. A high AdWords Quality Score essentially means that each dollar goes a lot farther to generate the types of exposure and conversion that you’re after. A low score essentially means the opposite – you’re spending more and getting less.Quality Score and CPC

If you feel like your AdWords Quality Score could or needs to be higher, there are a few key steps you should take next.

AdWords Account Structure

One element that can have an immediate impact your overall AdWords Quality Score is the structure of your account. In essence, how effective your keyword group techniques are will play a big role in the performance capabilities of your account, which in turn can positively or negatively affect quality score depending on the situation. Because of this, the importance of guaranteeing that all of your keywords are grouped together as accurately and specifically as possible cannot be overstated enough.

Whenever possible, try to group the core terms for your campaigns based on a root topic or focus – this helps keep things consistent, which only helps with effective account structure creation. Group your core terms based on certain key modifiers and ALWAYS segment your keywords into topic specific groups of related phrases that real users are searching for.

Additionally, a great way to improve your AdWords Quality Score is to try to group your terms with the idea that you’ll be targeting a single page within your site, like a landing page. It helps keep things in perspective.

Landing Page Exp Easy to nav

If you believe that you have a problem in this area, start by going over your existing site content to determine just how “ready” your landing page is to receive customers. Is it related to the topic they were searching for? Does it tie directly into the focus of each ad group?

You should always designate a landing page on an individual ad group basis and, whenever required, create a series of recommendations for additional content creation that can help you service these goals.

Ad Copy and Messaging

Make no mistake about it: without the type of actionable, thought-provoking ad copy that your users are ultimately looking for, even the best keyword list in existence won’t generate the results you’re looking for. Ad copy goes a long way towards setting the experience for the user in terms of your website, which is why things like messaging and language are so important to AdWords Quality Score.

AdWords Effective PPC Ads

Above all else, you should always be focused on the creation of focused, actionable and thought provoking messaging. You should try to incorporate both landing page messaging and ad group focus topics wherever possible to create a seamless experience across the board. Also, focus on the placement of key messaging like promotional text, making sure it’s always located where it will have the most impact.

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