Imported Call Conversions What You Need to Know

Google is trying to make it easier for businesses and AdWords advertisers to track calls from campaigns. The goal of recently launched “Imported Call Conversions” is to make it obvious which parts of campaigns drive the most valuable calls.

Because of the ease of mobile “click to call”, calls to businesses have skyrocketed with no signs of slowing down. Data from BIA/Kelsey indicates calls to businesses from smart phones will hit a whopping 162 billion by 2019, that is a 73% jump from 2015.

The current AdWords structure can make it tricky to track calls and the revenue that matriculates from an ad click. Historically users could measure conversions by reviewing call length. This was not very accurate, as any call with a duration longer than the ‘set goal’ would be considered a conversion.

With Imported Call Conversions, (rolling out to all AdWords advertisers in a few weeks) users will be able to monitor mobile click-to-calls for not just length but also the conversion value.

Users will also be able to segment certain customer actions that may have different values. Couple that with Google’s automated bid strategy for target return on ad spend (ROAS) and advertisers will be able to specify the amount they want to spend for campaigns, adgroups and keywords.


Before leveraging imported call conversions make sure you have all of the following in place:

  • Ability to accept calls in an eligible country with Google Forwarding numbers
  • Call extensions or “call-only” ads. Conversion actions must be set up. Each is different depending on what you intend to track
    • Calls from ad – at least one call extension is needed with a Google forwarding number
    • Calls from the website – at least one call extension applied to the campaign you want to track
  • Phone system for tracking call information
    • Call phone number (Caller ID)
    • Call start time
    • Call length
  • Setup conversion action

    This will enable you to see conversions from calls.

  • Install conversion tracking tag

    This step is only needed if you want to track calls from a phone number on your website.

  • Replace number with Google forwarding number

    This step only applies if you want to track calls from a phone number on your website.

  • Prep data for import

    Download Google’s call conversion upload template .

  • Import conversion data

    Upload your conversion file to the MCC account.


The information provided will match conversions back to the AdWords calls, which they derived from. They will be detailed down to the keyword level to show which segments of campaigns are driving the most valuable traffic, but also the individual elements of each segment.

Imported Call Conversions are meant to generate insight and data that leads to better decisions about the AdWords budget, positioning, (including keyword bids) and overall campaign optimization.  Some companies have reported they’ve optimized to triple spend on top-performing terms that lead to calls. Additionally, the insight from imported calls has led to keyword expansion opportunities that may have been missed without the data.

If you are interested in learning more about importing call conversion data or overall AdWords optimization and performance don’t hesitate to connect with us.  We are happy to take a closer look at your AdWords account structure and provide feedback on growth opportunities.

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