Introducing Locke George

A few weeks ago we welcomed Locke George to the Evolve team. As Search Marketing Manager, Locke’s main role at Evolve will be to develop, implement, and manage the Paid Search accounts of our growing list of clients (including Intelispend, Charter Business, and Maritz). Additionally, it will be Locke’s job as “the new guy” to make sure our fridge is perpetually stocked with craft beer, preferably Schlafly IPA.

On a more serious note, we are thrilled to have Locke on board. So far he has been a tremendous addition to the Evolve team and we’re looking forward to see what else he is capable of. Locke comes with an impressive resume of work in Paid Search; previously he worked as an Online Acquisition Manager at Brown Shoe, assisting the websites (including,, and with CPC and SEO. Before that, he managed clients’ Paid Search accounts at Outrider as a Senior Search Manager.

Meet Locke George:

What’s your favorite web site?
Food Network – I love to cook and experiment with new recipes. I enjoy taking the bones of the recipe, modifying/improving them to suit my own distinct cooking style.

On a given Friday night, you’ll probably be:
Well I am somewhat of a homebody, and most likely I will be at home drinking a glass of wine either reading a book or watching TV.

What draws you to this industry? I am drawn the fast-paced, and endless evolution/progression of the online marketing industry. This business demands constant vigilance to not only remain up-to-date, but to prevent falling behind the trend. Additionally, as a marketing medium, the capacity for nearly instant measurability of one’s efforts offers a level of performance validation that is unavailable in tradition marketing.

Mac or PC?
Mac – Definitely

What’s the last book you read?
Running Blind by Lee Child

If you could have a beer with anyone in the world, who would it be?
Alive: I don’t know why, but I would love to meet Betty White. I bet a beer with her would be quite possibly the the funniest and most interesting hour ever.Dead: Being a history buff; Abraham Lincoln. I believe he was likely the best US president to-date, and one of the the most influential persons in history.

Is there anything you want us (and the world) to know about you?
I have summitted 48 of the 53 14,000+ foot mountains in Colorado (referred to as 14ers). I backpacked the length of the Colorado river (2 months & 1,450 miles) from Rocky Mountain National Park to the Mexico border in Yuma, New Mexico. I am a licensed skydiver.