Introducing our summer interns!

This summer, Evolve is fortunate to have an extra boost of brainpower. We’ve hired two summer interns to manage and implement projects of their own. It’s our hope that when they leave us in August, both Ian and Emily (oh yes, a second Emily!) will have some solid success stories to add to their blooming portfolios. Let’s get to know these interns!

Emily Simpson

Emily Simpson, Evolve's summer InternHi, I’m Emily Simpson. I was born and raised in Saint Louis. I went to Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri, graduated in December 2009 with a Bacheloras Degree in Public Relations and a minor in Media Studies. I am passionate about volunteering in my spare time and spending as much time as I can with my adopted dog Clover. So far, my 2 weeks at Evolve have been a whirlwind of exciting information and tasks that will help expand Evolve in an even better direction. There are so many things to be learned from the Evolve team. Everyone is extremely dedicated, which is even more motivating to do well and get things done! One of my goals, while at Evolve, is to create a structured internship program for future interns. Hand-picked students from local colleges pursuing a digital marketing major will be eligible for this internship that will be offered in the fall, spring and summer. The goal is to have the intern walk away with something concrete that they can use for a future job or career. Also, Evolve wants to be able to show how the intern benefited the business in some way. I will implement overall goals, projects and objectives for the interns to complete during their time at Evolve. The internship program will be a good opportunity for Evolve to help college students gain knowledge about working for a digital marketing company. The interns will acquire hands-on experience that will benefit them in the working world when they pursue their career in marketing. Another project I will be working on will include the Evolve team reaching out to the community. Those details will be revealed soon, so stay tuned! Find Emily on LinkedIn!  

Ian Miller

Ian Miller the intern at EvolveHi, I am Ian Miller. As a St. Louis native, I attended Chaminade high school before moving to Nashville for college at Belmont University. This fall will be my second year at Belmont, where I am studying Commercial Music performance on piano with an emphasis on Music Business. I am a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan and music is one of my passions, as I play with several different musical groups My primary role at Evolve is link building, seeking out relevant sites and contacting their owners in order to augment a clientas list of inbound links. Although I had limited experience in SEO before my internship here at Evolve, I have learned an unbelievable amount during the past month and a half and continue to discover something new every day. My goals for Evolve include implementing an efficient and effective, yet personable, method of building links. Link building is a time consuming, and sometimes frustrating, system of building credibility and authority on the web, yet it is a fundamental aspect of SEO. I hope to take my experiences at Evolve and apply towards future business ventures, music opportunities, and life after college. So far I have truly enjoyed my time at Evolve, and I am sure I will continue to do so. Find Ian on LinkedIn!