Measurement & Attribution

Digital marketing along with measurement & attribution continues to bring clarity to advertising objectives.

The on-going evolution of the customer journey has left marketers at a loss, looking for insight on the how, when and where of customer conversions.

TV, Radio and Newspapers offer an avenue for connecting with leads and prospects but at what cost?

How can you justify or measure the return on ad spend? Well, it starts with informed digital strategy and campaign execution and is supported by measurement, cross-device modeling, and attribution.

Keep in mind these critical facts about mobile devices and their impact on pre-purchase activity and cross-device opportunity:

  • Purchases Made Across Screens

    90% of people say they use multiple screens for everyday activities & tasks.

  • Digital Drives In-Store

    87% of shoppers do research before entering a store.

  • Phones are Big for Business

    30 Billion phone calls were generated by search in 2013, according to Google.

Google provides great tips for measuring across screens. 40% of people who research on a smartphone go on to make a purchase on a desktop.

Think of that process as “Shop on a Small Screen” “Purchase on a Big Screen.”


A big factor in this – retailers have not perfected the mobile phone or tablet purchase experience. Once this process becomes, more “Uberized” or easier, completing transactions on mobile will increase dramatically.


Cross-Device Conversions

Track all the conversions you want to track via your AdWords campaigns, including those that begin on one browser and end on another.

Attribution Models with Cross-Device

Attribution reports detail how and when a prospect or lead interacts with ads before completing a conversion. Cross-device attribution models make the overall process to align goals, spend, budgets and marketing decisions with historical conversion data.


What are the benefits of using an agency or partner that relies on Google’s cross-device conversions and attribution modeling?

Businesses are able to anonymously observe conversions from users across all Google properties,  devices and platforms, like Gmail, Chrome, YouTube, Google Maps and more.

Companies and organizations that link marketing metrics directly to business objectives are more likely to hit their goals, because success in digital looks different.

Measurement & Attribution

Effective attribution modeling should inform campaign spending and planning. It should define the cost of engagement with a lead, and ultimately the cost of converting that lead into a customer.

Business leaders should know for certain, how much money they have to invest to create a prospect, and precisely how much money they spend to generate a customer.

Operating without this knowledge leads to uninformed digital marketing – tantamount to wasteful marketing.


Many companies may be looking to track cross-device conversions and multi-channel conversions, meaning Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social tactics. This can take a bit of time, but when set up with the appropriate tracking and URL structure it’s easy to see what tactics are driving conversions across channels in Google Analytics.

Instead of creating a hodge-podge report of data from multiple channels, things are tracked back to the source, with tracking that works.

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