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Mobile marketing is increasing in dominance as the first choice for consumers to find answers about products, comparison shop and make purchases.

As the recent Evolve Digital Labs’ mobile marketing Google Partners event covered, 43% of consumers use a smartphone when looking for information about businesses. Disgustingly enough Google’s research suggests almost half of consumers would rather give up their toothbrush for a week over their smartphones.


That dependency signifies mobile marketing & mobile experience should be an important pillar of your digital strategy.

Many consider mobile to be the biggest change to marketing in the last 50 years. It is important to note, while the way consumers interact with businesses has changed, like snapping a photo to deposit a check into a bank account, instead of going to a bank or drive-up ATM, their Jobs To Be Done have not.


There are four steps Google suggests for engaging with mobile users when they need your business.

  • Be There
  • Be Useful
  • Be Quick
  • Connect the Dots


Central to those four components is the idea that consumers need a frictionless mobile experience. Seamless and intuitive mobile customer pathways are vital for success in today’s demanding digital marketing landscape. Businesses with mobile-optimized sites experience conversion rates 140% higher than sites lacking a mobile-first customer experience.

Consider these mobile deal-breakers

  • A page or content that is not accessible.
  • A page that takes forever (or seemingly forever) to load.
  • Mobile ordering and navigation that has too many steps.

Consumers have become so accustomed to easy mobile processes, from the Amazon’s of the world, that they quickly get irritated when things don’t go their way.

Think of a toddler with a YouTube video that’s not cooperating #TantrumTime.


  • Speed

    One second can make the difference between a positive mobile experience and a negative one.

    Users expect a mobile page to load between 3-6 seconds.

    Use the Mobile Speed Test Tool to check the speed of your site, and learn why pages may be slow to load.

  • Site Navigation

    Site Navigation and Site Search are two factors in improved mobile design and experience. Make sure consumers can easily find what they’re looking for. If they do have to search for it, make the search functionality obvious and navigation easy to use.

    The goal is to provide each visitor with an intuitive and efficient path to complete their Job(s) to Be Done.

  • Form Entry

    Provide a way for users to share their information with you. Use mobile-friendly forms. However, don’t make filling out a form take forever. Get critical information and then let the user move on with their life.

  • Support the Intents of Customers

    It’s one thing to have a fast, functioning mobile experience it’s another to build a site that supports users’ intent

    If you’re a pizza place, consider functionality to order online.

    If you’re a dentist office help patients make appointments online.

    Analyze the user intent for visiting your site — and make that possible.


AdWords will allow better quality scores for sites that are mobile friendly. That higher quality score will ultimately reduce how much you pay-per-click. Google has also made significant changes to the Search Engine Results Pages because of Mobile, including eliminating right-rail ads and expanding text ads.

Because of those changes decisions about AdWords Ad budget spending should start at a basic level, with the users. Leverage Google Analytics and AdWords to determine where and how users are connecting with your brand.

If you are like other advertisers around the globe mobile and digital ad-spend aren’t lining up with mobile media consumption. The Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers study noted below shows time spent with media versus Advertising spend. Digital/Mobile has an estimated $22 billion opportunity in the United States.

To help your business take the next steps for improved mobile (and desktop experience) check out the free resources, we’ve developed including our SEO Audit Checklist and AdWords Grader tool.

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