MozCon 2012: Hopes and Wishes


This month we’re sending three Evolve-ites to the Northwest region of the States to experience the notoriously innovative, SEO-saturated conference, MozCon. For three days, Derek, Kristy, and Locke will strap on their thinking caps, don their listening ears, and absorb as much knowledge as humanly possible. Derek is no newbie to the dense schedules and networking frenzy, but it’s the first MozCon for Kristy and Locke. This is not to say they’re at any disadvantage; regardless of how many MozCon lanyards proudly hang from your rearview mirror, your mind will still be blown to mush. There’s no way to prepare for that. Team Evolve decided to compile a little wish list for this year’s conference. Expectations are high, as always a and we’re sure the speakers will deliver more than we can possibly digest over the course of three days. Below we’ve hashed out a list of the things we want to learn or accomplish while in Seattle for MozCon:

1. Upgrade Announcement

We want SEOmoz to make a badass announcement about an awesome new upgrade. Last year was the improvement in Open Site Explorer excel docs; this year, we’re hoping for iPhone and iPad apps. Another swanky feature we’d love to have is client access to SEOmoz accounts, similar to Raven Tools’ ability to give read-only access to clients.

2. Keyword Difficulty Tool Upgrades

We’d appreciate the means to add keywords to a campaign directly through the Keyword Difficulty Tool. Additionally, we’d appreciate a version of the Keyword Difficulty Tool that only gives the difficulty percentage a not all the fancy graphs a and doesn’t cap the report limit.

3. Data Insight

We want to digest new ways of looking at data. MozCon is going to be swarming with data nerds, and we want the 411 from these experts. So guys, be prepared to spill it.

4. Needle

We’re not too proud to admit that we’d love to visit the Space Needle. Come on, it’s what makes Seattle’s skyline one of the most distinctive in the country. Touristy or not, we’re doing it.

5. New Recruits

We want to find some ballin’ talent to add to our growing team. Are we above stealing someone from another agency? Psh. Not in the least.

6. Seeing friends

This industry has a unique community. Because we tend to be more socially engaged than other professionals, SEOs are able to retain friendships and even form new ones via the digital waves. That said, we’re definitely looking forward to sharing stories, ideas, and beers with some of the cool cats we’ve met along the way, such as Papa Slingshot and the founding fathers of Distilled.

7. Network like fools

MozCon will be the perfect opportunity to make something of all the friend crushes we’ve accumulated on Twitter in the past year. The ultimate goal, of course, is for Derek to secure a spot presenting at MozCon 2013. We’re also going to try to get Emily a few guest posting gigs.

8. Outdrink a Fishkin

Do we need to elaborate here? Team Evolve knows how to throw back an IPA or two; we can only imagine how dynamite it would be to snag some brews with a Fishkin (any Fishkin) whilst dominating some fresh seafood. Being from the Midwest, we’re sorely deprived of fresh seafood. And Fishkins.

9. Document a group hug from Roger mozBot

Who can resist this guy? Not us. Everyone knows that your MozCon ticket essentially guarantees you some love from every SEO’s favorite robot. Beep! Evolve enjoys traveling to conferences as much as we love running them because this industry is perpetually changing. Soaking up the newest trends and tactics helps us implement relevant techniques into our own work as well as transfer this knowledge to clients. We simply can’t wait to meet some new faces, swap insight and business cards, and represent Evolve from 1700 miles away. If you’ve got a ticket to this sold-out event, what are you hoping to experience?