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    Every great solution starts with understanding a need. We start with an audit of your online marketplace to learn what opportunities exist with the customer you help the most. Your audit will be the foundation for online growth.

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    Your audit collects and organizes your online market correctly so that you can easily digest the wealth of data online about your online opportunity. From your audit, a strategic framework can be created to reach your business goals.

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    Discover how Evolve Digital Labs’ growth campaign can benefit your organization by implementing the strategy to achieve your business goals. Failing to execute and improve can still cause the best-laid strategy to under-perform.

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Your customers are out there, searching. We believe in using search engines as a tool for customer discovery and your website as a tool for customer acquisition.

The Purpose of Process

Our process allows your brand to reach the right audience – the audience that will turn into customers. Impressions do not matter; leads do. Our process enables more effective acquisition. When you meet customers in the right channels and message to their needs, you reduce wasted spending and increase conversions.

Ultimately, our process delivers an improved customer experience. A well-functioning website with valuable content and effective lead capture abilities will benefit you and your customers.

There are three steps to our process: Audit, Strategy, and Growth. Each component delivers new customer-centric insight on which future strategy is built.

Breakdown of our Process

Audit: The purpose of this stage is to understand the market opportunity. By identifying customer needs and understanding competitors’ advantages, we will allow your organization to strategize with confidence and awareness.

Strategy: This step uses the data collected in the audit to develop a plan for online marketing efforts.

Growth: This final stage involves implementing the strategy and measuring results. The greatest advantage of online marketing is the immediate capture of data – and we will help you translate the data into next steps.

Throughout our process, we infuse Search-based expertise into deliverables. Particularly during the Strategy and Growth stages, consultation hours allow for the transfer of valuable insight. By involving your team in the process and educating members of what we’re doing and why, we will validate the efforts with proven, measured results.

Proof of the Process

Despite the fast-moving pace of digital marketing, it takes time to develop and implement a strategy. However, the clarity you receive from an Audit provides the momentum necessary to more effectively reach your audience.

Healthcare: We love working with healthcare brands because the need for more functional websites is not only evident – it is mandatory. Discover how our process has helped our healthcare clients.

Telecom: In such a competitive market, telecom brands simply can not afford to be inefficient with their marketing budgets. We continue to drive leads for our telecom brands – and our process can help your brand reap the same success.

I can help your company add to the bottom-line through data-driven online growth strategies. We deliver customer and brand-centric solutions that help your products and services achieve disproportionately high value from marketing spend across all digital channels.
Adam Hallas
Sr Growth Strategist

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