Paid Search Mistakes

Paid Search Mistakes

Paid Search mistakes screenshot

We spend a lot of time talking about SEO, but Evolve Digital Labs is also known for its ability to thrive in Paid Search. The beauty of this advertising medium is precision. To be more specific, Paid Search marketing allows a brand to target an exact audience. When a user is so much in need of a solution that he or she is willing to search for it, brands have an opportunity to respond through Paid Search. Keeping in mind the incredible data you reap from campaigns, the ability to start or stop instantaneously, and the blatant reality that everyone searches, it’s no wonder Paid Search is so prevalent. Of course, there are wrong ways to implement and manage paid campaigns:

Use of vague terms

Targeting terms that are too broad might expose your brand to a wider audience, but it also means you will likely be wasting money on people who aren’t searching for what you’re advertising. It takes much longer to segment keywords, but doing to strengthens the likelihood of reaching a qualified audience.

Failing to use a custom landing page

Have you ever clicked an ad displayed on Google, only to be directed to that brand’s homepage? It’s frustrating. A proper ad campaign will send users to a carefully crafted landing page that contains conversion opportunities:

  • Sign up for a newsletter
  • Download a guide
  • Watch a video
  • Complete a form

Neglecting to track results

Additionally, it can be tempting to simply “set it and forget it,” but in reality, creating campaigns is only a small fraction of the work. By monitoring the success of a Paid Search campaign (or unfortunate lack thereof), you will have a constant stream of insight to use when adjusting the current ads and keywords targeted.

Not tuning into affiliate activity

This year, we realized that one of our major clients was constantly butting heads with its affiliate marketers. Now, the strategy of paying other sources a commission to convert customers for you is a fantastic way to earn additional revenue and spread brand awareness. However, problems quickly arise when the affiliates stop working alongside your brand and instead start competing. This is exactly the scenario we experienced earlier this year; by bidding on our client’s brand terms, the affiliates were raising the cost of each click and yielding traffic that would have otherwise belonged to our client, who then had to shell out more money to pay for commissions.

We quickly developed an Affiliate Guideline that restricted spending on brand terms. The client’s spending drastically decreased, while leads actually increased. The client was happy, as were we.

Paid Search is a beast, which is why it’s best to put your advertising budget in capable hands. An invested team of PPC experts can whip your campaigns into shape so they can start working for you as efficiently as possible. Learn more on our PPC Campaigns page.