Try Your Hand at this SEM/SEO Crossword Puzzle

Note: If you are on a mobile device, this puzzle isn’t great. We’ll continue to work on coming up with a version that is, but for now – set a reminder to come back to this on a Desktop experience. 

“All Work & No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy”

If that statement isn’t true among digital marketers then I don’t know what is. That’s why Evolve Digital Labs’ has produced this exciting and challenging SEM / SEO crossword puzzle.

Do it solo, or pick a partner so you and your marketing team can put your digital advertising knowledge to the test while adding a little good-hearted competitive spirit to the office.

Having this much fun with digital marketing ought to be punishable by Google.

Reach out to Evolve Digital Labs’ Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and let us know how you enjoyed it.


Helpful Hint:

We have found that, due to how the puzzle gets formatted in this page, the best way to do the puzzle is to scroll down to the clues, select the clue, then enter your answers once the correct block is highlighted.

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