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Audit Leads to Growth

Working with Evolve Digital Labs, Strategyn started with an audit, the process for growth is built around the information and data that is discovered through the audit.

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"We have hired and worked with several SEO agencies in the past. Unfortunately for us these agencies failed to learn our business, the needs of our customers, and tried to force cookie cutter solutions on us that did not apply."

Tony Ulwick

Founder & CEO, Strategyn

Your website is an extension of your company and when properly optimized, can be the hardest working employee to growing your business profitably. The success of the SEO Audit always comes back to aligning growth and profitability to your business goals.

We diagnose the problems with your site, define your online opportunity for growth, and provide the foundation and plan to implement the necessary changes to deliver the greatest value from an SEO Audit. Are any of these outcomes being missed by your website?

What Comes with an Audit?

Growth Online Starts with Understanding

No matter what your industry, business goals, limitations, you name it, the SEO Audit is a critical, non-negotiable first step to building your strategy. It’s what sets the stage for success.

Our audit goes beyond search engines, you still receive site errors and recommendations for your website to improve traditional metrics such as traffic, rankings, and impressions but delivers you the online opportunity to meet business goals.

We treat an SEO Audit like a Market Gap Analysis: there’s no guessing. Your business goals help us identify the areas of interest and need. Our audit defines the opportunity and cost for success online.

Beginning with a clear path to profits will give you the confidence in the investment to grow online. Using the Evolve Digital Labs Audit to guide your investments empowers your company know exactly where your dollars should go and why.

How We Complete Your Audit

The SEO Audit is all-inclusive, meaning we don’t just plug your website into a machine and crank out numbers. We look at the site in its entirety, not only from the perspective of search engine crawlability, but also in regard to user experience and in consideration of your business goals. Your audit is completely unique and customized to align to your business goals.

Your website errors will be discovered through the use of tools but website errors are the smallest portion of your audit. An audit to us means seeing the bigger picture, specifically what your industry online is doing. This includes competitive analysis and keyword research.

Why is Your Competition Beating You Online?

You will provide a list of competitors so we can investigate why and how these competitors are outselling or outranking you. We’ll disclose a straightforward, unbiased report that states both fact and expert opinion. Discover how your competitors are building authority through link building practices or how their site is user friendly for site visitors. Immediately understand new, untapped possibility for gaining ground in your industry online.

What Keywords Are Your Most Valuable Customers Using?

You might be missing out on an audience that is already searching for you or you might be targeting an audience that delivers little to no ROI. Our keyword research process is unique in that we don’t just deliver you a giant list of keywords and their search volume; we segment out your keywords for profitability.

We work with you, as well as the data, to find the smartest terms to target. If you think about it, keywords are really customers. You have a unique opportunity to present the solution to these customers that will complete their job to be done. Your audit will deliver where your online opportunity exists for achieving maximum growth.

It’s Not About the Dollars You Invest Now - It’s About the ROI in the End

If you’re anything like us, you do your research before purchase or committing to a service. We’ll be completely honest: our audits aren’t cheap. Our service is entirely different, it actually provides value and we go to great lengths to ensure that you understand what that value is. The brands that truly understand the value are the ones that reap the biggest ROI. These brands actually make the effort to digest the report and take the necessary action.

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In our SEO Audit you will receive important information such as prioritization of improvements that are needed to your website, isolating your most valuable customer, and defining your online opportunity for growth.

  • On-Site Errors - gain the confidence to know exactly what takes priority in order for your team to spend time effectively. Knowing exactly what needs to fixed for your website to provide value.
  • Your Most Valuable Customer – find your most valuable customer and tailor your website to match their behavior, language and deliver on their desired outcome.
  • Online Growth Opportunity – aligning business goals with keyword research and your most valuable customer will show you the online opportunity and cost for growth

The SEO Audit sets you up for success. Read the stories of clients that have implemented the necessary changes from the audit and found digital success. In our opinion, without knowledge of these things, any strategy that is developed will be misguided.

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