SEO Audit Case Study

An Evolve Digital Labs SEO Audit Case Study

SEO is more often than not a slow and steady race, but it’s always exciting to see speedy results when our recommendations are carried out. Today we’re proud to flaunt an SEO Audit case study. Implementation of our findings is often a task that spans several months and sometimes years, so it can take a while to see results on a large scale. SEO, remember, has evolved into the act of transforming your website into one that deserves to rank well. This accomplishment is not easy to achieve.

A couple months ago we performed an SEO audit for a B2B consulting brand on the West Coast. Although we were secretly burning with jealousy for their beaches and crashing waves and sun-kissed skin, we very much enjoyed working with such a delightful team and wish our interactions were not merely conference calls and emails.

This brand explained that a recent website redesign had wreaked havoc on their traffic, to be specific, the company’s traffic plummeted by 60%. An audit revealed that the site was suffering due to lack of a sitemap, duplicate content, 404 errors, and ineffective URLs. We responded with simple recommendations and they followed our advice perfectly.

SEO audit improves traffic for b2b brand

It took very little time for the website to reap the benefits of the audit; traffic had jumped back to its usual range and continued to climb. This case study is a perfect example of how critical it is to make room for SEO when designing a website. It’s also pretty exciting to see that the execution of our list of recommendations was all it took to be back on terms with the mighty Goog.

Check out the SEO Audit case study