SEO Audit Flow Chart

SEO Audit Flow Chart

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Overview of an audit:

As an agency, we’re not comfortable suggesting tips and tactics for ranking if we don’t know what’s holding a site back in the first place. As a brand representative, you shouldn’t be comfortable paying an SEO to do his or her SEO thing without knowing what is wrong with your website in the first place. An SEO Audit provides a starting point.

A proper audit thoroughly investigates and reports a website’s ability to be crawled effectively by search engine bots. These bots, or “spiders,” in turn assess a site’s authority and relevance so the pages can be presented to users who are searching for answers.

Because pretty much everyone uses Google as an information resource, it’s critical that websites have the ability to rank well for terms relating to their services or products. Without being recommended by the search engines, there’s an exceptional chance you won’t be found online.

Sometimes, though, you just need a flow chart to get from Point A to Point B. Presenting the “Why do I need an SEO Audit?” flow chart. Enjoy.

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Screenshot of SEO Audit Flowchart

SEO Audio Flow Chart for your viewing pleasure!

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