St. Louis's Top 100 Largest Privately Held Companies

Cover of the St. Louis Top 100 Companies documentEvery year the St. Louis Business Journal lists the city’s top 150 largest privately held companies. We’d like to join the ranks one day, but in the meantime we figured it would be interesting to perform a very brief analysis of the top 100 companies’ websites. Why did we do it? Several reasons:

We love data

It’s already evident that these brands are killing it on paper a but does their success transfer online? As a team of online marketers, we were curious to find out. We want to emphasize that the data we’re showing is just a snapshot. It’s a 30,000-foot view. As mentioned in the document, the tools we used include, SEOmoz, and Google’s Keyword Tool. The data from these websites aren’t always 100% accurate; we’ll be the first to admit that. is useful for determining patterns in traffic, but it has inconsistencies. Likewise, Google’s Keyword Tool presents search volume estimates that may or may not be exaggerated.A Still, we consider the content to be valuable for comparing the different industries and companies in St. Louis.

We wanted to learn

Most of the brands listed are B2B. Because most of the clients we work with are also B2B, we thought this project would be a great opportunity for us to learn more about these brands. Plus, we wanted to gain experience researching and compiling data on a larger scale than we’re used to.

We wanted feedback

Even though it might make us feel vulnerable, we’re ready for your feedback. Hopefully it’s positive, but if not, we’ll still appreciate you helping us refine the process and make our next project even better. Just keep in mind: this document contains mere snapshots of 100 companies. We barely scraped the surface of these companies’ sites, so we’re not making any radical conclusions. Obviously these brands are doing okay. They’re making millions each year.

A legit SEO audit includes strategic direction for next steps, and we explain why a website had lost traffic or experienced a low number of conversions. This document doesn’t have that, and it’s okay. The purpose of the Top 100 Companies report is just to show you how these brands compare to each other. We hope you check it out and let us know what you think.

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