STL Digital Symposium Takeaways #STLDigSym

There were a lot of beer and toasted raviolis consumed at Ballpark Village Wednesday afternoon for STL Digital Symposium. #STLDigSym. That’s not necessarily a takeaway but a sign of a good time.

It was also a place where people were willing to go to extremes to keep tweeting.


Beer for phone chargers

And tweet they did. According to @TrendTopicsUSA #STLDigSym was trending for more than six hours. That’s impressive.

St. Louis trending topics



If you had too many of the aforementioned beverages and missed something here are a few quick takeaways.

Gunnard Johnson, SVP Data & Analytics at Centro, shed light on the Five Pillars of Performance: audience, channel, execution, exposure and response.

Johnson took time to brake down how data & analytics factor into generating tangible insights. You can read more about his key points here.

One take away from Gunnard and the panel that included, Evolve Digital Labs president, Derek Mabie, is data and analytics are meaningless if there is no narrative to assess and relay.

Data narrative


Shawn Stevenson detailed a discussion on content vs. context and contributing relevant information. His advice is about messages that actually provide value.Content and value



And with any valuable content, don’t forget the call to action. (See ours at the end of this post.)


Gunnar Kiene of SapientNitro talked about forging brand consistency vs. cohesion in a digital world.

Consistency as one tweet put it is about identifying what your brand is…and of course is not.

know your brand


Dan Pollman the founder of happyMedium wrapped up the day with an idea that should strike a cord with startups and growing firms.


Happy Medium builds.

We agree on 100% with the statement about making tools if they’re not available. Make something great and then share.

Here’s our final takeaway.


always changing

Thanks @AdClubSTL for organizing an engaging event.

Also if you’re interested in sharing ideas on data, analytics and actionable insights get in touch with us. We’d love to talk shop.  Want to collaborate on a project? Drop us a line.