Digital Marketing

A term used for all online marketing efforts. Businesses leverage digital channels such as Google search, paid advertising channels, social media, email, and optimize their own websites to connect with current and prospective customers.


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6 Second YouTube Ads

Learn about new constraints – the 6 second YouTube ads and changes to YouTube’s skippable video ads. Develop a comprehensive video strategy.

Questions to Consider About Mobile Ad Spending

Internet users are spending 5.6 hours online every day, about 3 hours on their phones and nearly 2.5 on desktop. Can you think of anything else you do more regularly than check your phone? It’s sad but, neither can we.

Kleiner Perkins Internet Trends


The 2015 Kleiner Perkins Internet trend report provides very significant insight into usage, time, and ad spend. The nearly 200 slide presentation breakdowns with great detail information on millennials, consumer spending, and connectivity, however one figure left us with a few questions.

Media Time vs. Advertising Dollars


Note the gap in mobile spending as a $25 billion (give or take) opportunity. Now to our questions…

When is the last time a traditional ad campaign truly resonated with you? We’re talking about a serious impact, made you feel something? To see that advertisement again, you probably had to Google it.

Which brings us to three more questions.

Is your ad spending efficient and reaching the right audience? Should more money be shifted to mobile? A report by Emarketer notes mobile ad spending will pass desktop next year and,  by 2019 72% of all digital ad spending will be mobile. Will your tactics be similar?

Our strategists can maximize mobile ad spending and help reassess priorities to ensure your business connects with customers no matter where they searching.