How to Use The Keyword Planner Tool

The Keyword Planner is an efficient tool for maximizing your AdWords investment.

By leveraging the Keyword planner advertisers can launch new campaigns or bolster those that have already been launched. From keyword research to forecasting CPC and estimated click through rate, the keyword planner supports new and existing initiatives. It provides insight on effective strategies for effective PPC ads.


AdWords users can use the Keyword Planner to find ideas for new keywords and ad groups, get a sense of how keywords may perform; based on keyword quality score,  historic search information, impressions and clicks.


Whether you are looking to start a brand new campaign with new keywords or to find existing keyword opportunities, the Keyword Planner, should be one of your first steps for executing an optimized PPC campaign.

If finding new keywords is your ultimate goal for the start of a campaign, you can search for terms by entering in your product or service, landing page, product or service category.  The keyword planner also allows for targeting by locations, language, Google and Google’s search partners.

After entering your information and selecting “Get Keyword Ideas” the Keyword Planner notes search information by several categories including, search volume, mobile trends, devices, location market and competitor domains.

The planner also points out ad group ideas and keyword ideas, highlighting Avg. monthly searches, competition, suggested bids and impression share. By clicking the >> terms can be added to your account quickly.


If you want to make your campaigns more effective there are several ways to analyze search volume and terms. By looking for phrases that have a lower search volume, you may be able to identify, and utilize long-tail keywords, which could perform well with the appropriate match settings.


If your account already has a robust set of keywords, but you are not sure about the search volume statistics, you can upload as CSV file to assess how keywords may perform. You can also get statistics and forecasts for keywords. Forecasts will be specific to your AdWords account and the bid you’ve selected.



The Keyword Planner also makes it easy to combine keywords, by multiplying two or more lists of keywords.  For instance, if you have a list of keywords by locations and another list that describes the services or products you can combine them. Since it is beneficial to have between five and 20 keywords per group, using the planner to multiply lists is efficient.

Once you begin using Keyword Planner, you will likely find many ways it can add relevancy and impact to your AdWords campaign.