How to Use Phrase Match

One of the most common reasons why people seek AdWords help has to do with gaining a better understanding of phrase match. Luckily, how to use phrase match is a fairly straightforward topic.

Phrase match allows you to show your ad to customers who are searching either for your exact keyword, or for variations of your exact keyword (like key phrases that include additional words both before and after). This is a much more targeted technique than the default “broad match,” but is also a lot more flexible than what “exact match” will allow.

Ultimately, phrase match in AdWords is designed to give you a deeper level of control over how closely a keyword has to match someone’s search term so that it can trigger your ad to appear for them.

Google Phrase Match Explained

In addition to the previously stated rules, phrase match AdWords campaigns allow your ad to appear when close variants in spellings occur. One of the most common questions that people ask with regards to this is “does phrase match include plurals?” and the answer is an undeniable “yes.” It also includes acronyms, abbreviations, accents, stemming and more

keyword match types

Keep in mind that by the phrase match definition, word order is incredibly important. Your add WILL NOT appear if someone enters an additional word in the middle of your keyword, for example. Let’s say your keyword is “digital investment” – but a searcher uses the phrase “digital marketing investment” your ad would not be served in this case.

Phrase match is designed to allow you to meet a larger number of customers while still giving you the ability to show your ads to those who are most likely to be searching for your product or service in the first place. Sounds simple enough.

Using Phrase Match to Improve Exact Match

Phrase match has a large number of benefits that can’t be ignored, like allowing Advertisers to create ads using the same keywords that your customers are actually searching with. You can already view the search terms that your customers used at the time when they originally clicked on your ad. Then you can apply those words and phrases to your keyword list in order to help find additional customers or leverage those phrases with exact match settings to find a highly specific audience.

Increased CTR

Since phrase match is using the exact phrase a searcher used to show your ads, your clickthrough rate will likely increase. Thus the chances of unwanted impressions will drop because your ad is not appearing for unrelated keywords and terms if they don’t align with your phrase.

Make Your Ads Bold

Phrase match also gives you the option to have your ad text appear in a bold font, giving you another technique to use to grab the searcher’s attention when your ad displays in a more visually striking way. Remember that you can’t manually add bold text when designing your ad, so this is a great option to instantly make your ad appear more relevant than it would have otherwise appeared.

  • Improve Keyword Database

    Leverage search terms customers used when they clicked on the ad. Add those phrases with exact match settings.

  • Increased CTR

    Expect clickthrough rate to spike while irrelevant impressions will decrease.

  • Make Your Ads Bold

    Phrase match enables text ads to appear in bold grabbing a searcher’s attention.

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