Welcome to the team, Marvin!


Hey everyone!

Marvin, Evolve's Fall intern My name is Marvin Saccucci. Originally, from Toledo, OH, I’ve been a bit of a nomad having lived in cities such as Milwaukee, WI, Cincinnati, OH, and even Madrid, Spain. I’m currently a Senior at St. Louis University studying both Marketing and Economics. Past jobs have included work at my neighborhood soccer store and internships with both a corporate security company and a bar soap manufacturing company. Realizing that I didn’t see my 150 pound self working as a body-guard, or wanting to come out of the office every day smelling like cleaning products, I decided to instead put my Marketing degree to use here at Evolve Digital Labs. Nonetheless, at St. Louis University I’m involved in a number of different clubs and organizations. First and foremost I am a member of the Service Leadership Program through the John Cook School of Business. This program is something that I’m very proud of as it has required me to complete 300 hours of community service in addition to attending 24 leadership workshops. The majority of my hours have come from working with the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program, Habitat for Humanity, and even a project where I spent two months doing volunteer construction work in Pisco, Peru. When I’m not in the library studying or at work, I like to spend my free time being active. My favorite pastime is soccer as I’ve grown up around the sport my entire life. Being half-Colombian and half-Italian, soccer is in my blood. As a result, when I do have occasional free time you can usually find me out on the soccer pitch, playing the newest edition of the FIFA videogame with my friends, or at a local bar watching all of the USA Men’s National Team games. With that said, in regards to my internship here at Evolve, I am very excited for what lies ahead. With my Marketing and Economics degrees, I would eventually like to get into Market Research. Market Research is composed of many qualitative and quantitative components. You need to be able to look at a set of numbers and derive conclusions. As a result, I look forward to the possibility of working with quantitative programs and performing quantitative analysis here at Evolve. I am looking forward to learning about SEO, Web Analytics, and Pay-Per Click Advertising. I am especially excited about my project where I will be required to apply my SEO knowledge to current St. Louis companies and blogging about them. These real world, quantitative skills that I will learn will be a great asset for my future in corporate America.