Welcome to the team, Michael!

Michael Kovis at Evolve Digital LabsHappy Monday, friends! Today is a swell day because it’s the last Monday in January AND we are welcoming a new team member. As Director of SEO, Michael Kovis will work closely with clients to develop and implement SEO strategies that will improve the overall quality of their sites. We feel really fortunate to have Michael on our side, not just because he has more than 10 years of experience in the digital world (designing, developing, optimizing, and managing sites), but also because he understands the industry like we do: it changes, and so does the strategy, but the basic concept of transforming a site into one that is easily crawled (for search engines) and helpful (for humans) stays the same. He’s got a fantastic blog saturated in SEO finesse and sarcasm. It’s worth a read. As you may know, the intro interview is practically a rite of passage for Evolve employees. Michael’s answers are below; get to know the new guy! What’s your favorite web site? Not sure I really have a “favorite” website anymore. A couple of sites that captivate my attention are on a consistent basis are: A List Apart, AJ Kohn’s Blind Five Year Old, Nick Eubanks’ SEO NickBarclay’s Premier League (yes, I’m a footy fanantic), PC-Mech forums and Michael Martinez’s SEO Theory. On a given Friday night, you’ll probably be: 10 years ago I probably would have been out seeing what kind of trouble my friends and I could get into. Well, we wouldn’t really get in trouble as we were always very responsible young adults. Fast forward to the present and having our first child, Charlie, my Friday’s are now usually extremely low key. For the most part I spend time with my family. Lately I have been finally finding the time to sit down after they are asleep to enjoy a little bit of late night gaming on the PC or PS3. What draws you to this industry? The [search|digital|inbound] marketing umbrella is so dynamic. I enjoy the strategy involved and implementation immensely. It seems like the possibilities are endless when working on projects of all sizes and niches. Mac or PC? Definitely a PC. Sorry Mac lovers. Show me a Macbook that can outperform a comparatively spec’d PC dollar for dollar. What’s the last book you read? Game of Thrones: A Song of Fire and Ice If you could have a beer with anyone in the world, who would it be? Tough question. I have this imaginary list in my head of several people in the search industry I would love to have a beer with one day. Although, if I had to choose one it wouldn’t be from that list. If I could choose someone that I could have a beer with again, it would be my brother Matt. Truly miss his presence in my life. Is there anything you want us (and the world) to know about you? Not really. I’m an open book for the most part. There aren’t too many hidden skeletons in this closet that need to be made public. I would hate to ruin my reputation. /sarcasm I guess one thing I could take a moment share with everyone is that my wife Katie is almost 8 weeks pregnant. The new bundle is due for earlier to mid September. I have been waiting until the first ultrasound was done to unleash the news publicly (and that was last week). [Congratulations, Kovis family!] Find Michael on Twitter and LinkedIn!