Your Customized AdWords Performance Report Card

Think of your AdWords Grader report card as your personalized AdWords dashboard. You will get details on what’s working, what’s not and the biggest areas to improve AdWords performance.

After syncing your account to the Evolve Digital Labs AdWords grader you will get a customized performance report including analysis for:

  • Overall Grade
  • Keyword Relevancy
  • Negative Keywords
  • Quality Score
  • Wasted Spend

Also included with every free AdWords grade is a free AdWords consultation with a member of the Evolve paid search team.


What Does the AdWords Grader Do?

The AdWords Grader assesses your keywords, match types, quality scores, negative keyword usage, industry and campaign longevity in comparison to other advertisers and best practice standards through our proprietary algorithm.

We also provide a detailed account overview, highlighting:  

  • Keywords
  • Clicks
  • Invalid Clicks
  • Average CPC
  • Total Ad Spend
  • Wasted Ad Spend

Keyword Relevancy

Keyword Relevancy is a critical component to AdWords success. The grader analyzes the use of broad, phrase and exact match keywords within your account. While broad match can increase your potential to show ads on relevant searches it can also lead to a significant wasted spend.  Evolve AdWords experts advise that you keep your broad match keywords to as few as possible and leverage extensive keyword research. Instead rely on more exact match keywords to target the most engaged and interested audiences.

Negative Keywords

If you are not adding negative keywords there is a high-probability you are wasting a lot of money.

What are negative keywords? Negative keywords are words or phrases that are not relevant to products and services you offer within a pay-per-click advertising campaign. Leveraging negative keywords ensures your PPC ads show up only to people who are looking for what you offer.

We compare your ratio of negative keywords to the recommended minimum and analyze the wasted spend. A closer ratio of negative to normal keywords will show your ads to more qualified audiences.

Quality Score

One of the most important AdWords numbers to always keep a watchful eye on is Quality Score. This is a number on a scale of one to ten that is essentially an estimate of how relevant the content of your ads and landing pages are when compared to the keywords users are searching for.


The lower your quality score the higher your costs and vice versa.


Advertisers should shoot for about 70 to 80% in this section of the report card. Spending money on lower quality score keywords will also lead to a significant amount of wasted spend. Quality scores of 7 and higher are optimal for performance.

Wasted Ad Spend

This is calculated by multiplying invalid clicks by the average cost-per-click.  Ideally wasted spend should be as low as possible, but depending on the numbers calculated, spend could be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Free AdWords Consultation

Evolve’s paid search team manages multi-million dollar budgets. We have experience eliminating wasted spend and identifying opportunity for AdWords account growth. Those who sync their AdWords account are encouraged to take us up on the free consultation offer.

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