Site Audit: On-Site Aspects

Site Audit: On-Site Aspects

We’ve mentioned that our Site Audit has three main parts: On-Site Analysis, Competitive Analysis, and Keyword Research. These three reports work together to illuminate significant insight that clients then use to transform their online entities into successful, flourishing destinations. Read more

Assessing Google Penalties

A few times a year in the SEO industry, the sky falls…just after the rankings do. In the Year of the Panda, many SEOs and online marketers felt the wrath of Google like never before. Many sites lost their rankings in 2011 (and not due to competition pushing them out), some sites lost their revenue and a few sites lost everything. Read more

Where Does Content Fit into the SEO Audit?

Our SEO Audit, as we have mentioned, covers three main areas. The first is an On-Site Analysis that determines the quality of your site. This is a thorough dissection of the factors of your website and its pages that affect the way users and search engines perceive and gauge your site. Evolve will run reports that reveal how well the search engines can crawl your pages. Page Ranking pie chart   We examine the visual aesthetics and usability of your site to see whether visitors will enjoy exploring your pages. The second part of the audit is the Competitive Analysis. Here we closely scrutinize the brand’s top three competitors and compare how each one performs online. We examine the keywords they target, the quality and quantity of inbound links from outside sources, and the level of content that is displayed on their website pages. The final step of our SEO Audit is our keyword research, which we deliver to the client to use at their discretion. Ideally these terms will be leveraged in multiple ways, such as paid Search campaigns, on-site content, and link building efforts. Evolve’s SEO Audit is an extensive report, addressing all areas that require a webmaster’s attention and action. One recurring theme that we stress is the importance of content. You’ve heard us exclaim “Content is King!” because it is true. In this digital realm, content sits on the royal throne. This chart from SEOmoz categorizes the various factors of a website that influence its ability to succeed. Read on to discover the ways content is part of our SEO Audit. Content greatly impacts a website’s ability to rank well in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), and it affects the likelihood of a user choosing your site from the millions of query results. Evolve dives into the back end of your site, the areas that most brands try to forget about. This is where we take a peek at the Title Tags and Meta Descriptions, which are the snippets of text that show up in the SERPs. If they are not relevant, unique, enticing, and descriptive, we recommend changes that will increase the probability of users clicking through to your website. We also review the keywords used, since these terms have a significant role in determining which terms you rank for when the search engine bots crawl your site. Getting users to your website is one thing; the other challenge is keeping them there. That’s where content comes into play once again. Effective communication and a clear, consistent message can spike your conversion rates. Some brands still have the mindset that a greater density of keywords will boost rankings for the terms used. That is not the case; rather, content should be written for people, not search engines. Well-written content can be the difference between someone bouncing from your site and completing a conversion. Finally, content is the source of your influence. Search engines gauge website authority based on how many outside sites link to your website. The more links you get, especially from valid sources, the greater influence you will have. Solid content is the best way to gain natural inbound links. It doesn’t have to be confined to the pages of your site, either. Our link building methods are “white hat,” meaning they do not involve shady link buying. The SEO Audit, as mentioned, features keyword research that can inspire your link building efforts.

What is Search Retargeting?

What is Search Retargeting?

Retargeting is a valuable tool that can be integrated into your digital marketing plan in order to convert consumers at a higher rate than with traditional online marketing vehicles. It is a great supplement to your SEO, PPC, Display, and overall interactive strategy. It allows a marketer to serve up banner ads on display network websites across the Internet to users who have visited a certain website or web page (which you can read more about here).

One type of Retargeting provides marketers with a way to reach potential customers based on what they’ve looked for online. This method, Search Retargeting, serves up banner ads on networks of sites to users who have previously searched for a brand name or relevant keyword phrases on a search engine.

In this instance, a user only needs to search for a phrase you’ve indicated within your Retargeting account is relevant to your brand. When the user searches and clicks on a site that is not yours, they will then be served your banner ads as they move through the web, therefore “retargeting” a qualified audience.

How do you know what keywords are relevant to your brand?

The keyword research process should not be underestimated. During keyword research, we are able to determine what phrases will deliver the most qualified traffic for your investment. No guesswork, no assumptions: Just true analytical data with applied strategy to highly target your future customers.

On which sites will your ads be displayed?

Where your Retargeting ads will show is dependent upon which ad network is chosen for your campaign. Ad networks should be chosen based on reach, volume, reputation, vertical specialties, and the site mix within the network. Some ad networks provide additional targeting features such as specific site or industry selections. These are great options to consider when beginning a campaign in order to target niche markets.

Search Retargeting allows a marketer to reach users who are looking for what you have to offer, but haven’t yet made it to your website. It turns out these users who are “search retargeted” are up to 70% more likely to complete a conversion than those users who are not. They are also likely to spend up to 50% more.

Instant Technology

Some providers of this online marketing vehicle now offer “instant” search retargeting, which means users are able to see a retargeted banner on a site almost directly after they have conducted a search query.

While some platforms may take anywhere from one day up to one month to serve banner ads, the instant technology closes this window gap by allowing advertisers to have immediate targeting capabilities. You’re able to reach users who are searching now instead of those who have searched in the recent past. Studies show that instant search retargeting can increase click-through rates up to ten times higher than standard search retargeting campaigns.

Closing the Competition Gap

When you review your organic ranking reports or your paid search data, you’re able to gather how many impressions did not result in clicks; clicks, visits, customers and conversions lost to your competition.

When you take these missed organic and paid opportunities and stay in front of them with Search Retargeting, you are increasing your advantage to gain these opportunities as converting customers. After all, these are people who are looking for terms relevant to you.

Why would you not follow up on a potential lead and nab them from the competition?

Talk to Evolve further about your retargeting strategy by contacting us about a PPC consultation here.

Seeking SEO Success? Start with an Audit.

Many of our clients come to us at their wits’ end. Why is my site not ranking well? I know I have visitors, so why aren’t the conversion levels increasing? Unfortunately, the on-site problems are quiet little buggers, comfortably lurking beneath the surface. Before you can start making relevant changes to pages and content, you must be able to identify the exact issues that are getting in the way of your website reaching its full potential. The SEO Audit that Evolve performs consists of a thorough On-Site Analysis, a detailed Competitive Analysis, and valuable Keyword Research insight that can be used for tactical next steps. While the term “audit,” isn’t typically well-received, our SEO audit is an essential first step for anyone who wants to see some ROI online. The initial results may not be pretty, but it will be refreshing to know for certain what actions you need to take in order to transform your website into a thriving online destination. Ignorance may be bliss, but it won’t result in conversions. Our On-site Analysis breaks down your website’s effectiveness (or lack thereof). It’s a critical starting point; without one, any on-site adjustments will be in vain. An SEO Audit clearly defines for you which aspects of your site are problematic. This will be in the form of errors, duplicate content, improper URL structure, and much more. It points out which parts of your site need work. Beyond the On-Site Analysis, our SEO Audit also compares your website to your top three competitors. In this section, the Competitor Analysis, we uncover the strengths of their online strategies, which keywords they are using to attract traffic, the number of outside links they accrue, and other information that is beneficial to know. You are most likely aware of which brands your customers choose over you; now you’ll be able to know why. Even better, you’ll be able to understand how you can work to attain the position you deserve in the search engine results pages. Finally, our SEO Audit discloses the keyword terms or phrases whose use and implementation will benefit your brand’s online visibility. Within our Keyword Research Matrix, you’ll discover the terms we have graded according to relevance, volume, commerciality, and competition. Evolve provides short-to-mid, and long terms with usage recommendations so you can maximize your organic SEO and paid Search efforts. How does this fit into the big picture? Simply put, it is the start to your online success. On the flip side, your online success can’t truly start without it. The SEO Audit puts your website into perspective. You can’t possibly know which parts to tweak or what features to add if you donat understand which areas are working and which aren’t. Without an SEO Audit, you are pouring money into a domain that isn’t yielding a return on investment. Every success story needs a starting point. This can be yours.