What’s Causing Your Site’s Traffic Problems?

During the fall of 2012 Strategyn was trying to determine the root cause of an organic traffic drop. What was originally thought to be the cause of this drop, was algorithm changes, however insights from Evolve Digital Labs revealed the issue to be a recent website redesign.

By happenstance Strategyn’s team came across an article by Evolve Digital Labs, related to another site, it specifically addressed how duplicate content errors impact traffic and rankings.

Strategyn called us, and we got to work. An initial consultation exposed errors, and how those errors were significantly impacting traffic. Strategyn then ordered a complete website audit.

An audit by definition sounds scary and boring – “An official inspection of an individual’s or organization’s accounts, typically by an independent body.” However, audits are the biggest factor in turning around traffic and implementing the best practices for growth.  Get beyond the audit fear and embrace the target goal of a fully optimized site.

We determined the redesign altered website copy, causing technical errors which decreased traffic. Strategyn lost equity as a result of the redesign, because URL structures were different, and not properly redirected to new pages.

Evolve provided Strategyn with a roadmap to solutions, including URL redirecting and internal linking.

The next steps focused on developing a solid strategy, which would lead to growth. Generating content and assets with customer-language in mind helped determine key innovation terms. By changing a historic timeline image into text search equity improved. By leveraging Google Suggest key terms from instant results micro conversations on Strategyn’s site were supported.

Another component of the audit found PPC campaigns were not properly optimized. Opportunities for traffic and conversions were being missed because Strategyn was bidding on single word or even number terms.  The Evolve team helped segment keywords and identified the primary customers needs through keyword research, thus allowing for singular focused paid ads, rather than ads for broad topics.

Strategyn has since seen a 200% increase in website traffic, plus and increase in conversions and new business leads.


The methods implemented were built around information and data shown in the audit. While there are always suggestions available and a variety of alternatives to an in-depth audit those ‘quick fixes’ won’t identify the true potential for online growth.

To learn more about the best outcomes from an Evolve Digital Labs audit contact us today.

Evolve Digital Labs Joins St. Louis Design Week

Evolve Digital Labs Joins St. Louis Design Week

Take a walk around downtown Maplewood and immediately you’ll notice an eclectic community with a thriving business mix, from restaurants and shops to some of the AIGA St. Louis region’s fastest growing companies and budding ad-agencies, that unique vibe is one of the reasons we’re honored to join St. Louis Design Week, and the Maplewood Studio Crawl.

Starting September 19, Design Week celebrates what St. Louis has to offer and the creative minds and influencers, who call it home. From the design and structure of a successful campaign to the execution of an efficient website, design plays an important role in the business at Evolve Digital Labs.

EDL Space

The Maplewood Studio Crawl on Tuesday, September 22, features 14 Maplewood businesses; visitors will tour a number of different spaces for product development firms, design shops, architect offices, advertisers, and photographers. Several Maplewood businesses have been generous enough to provide appetizers and drinks at each location.

The event runs from 2-5pm. The team at Evolve Digital Labs welcomes you to come learn more about our process and design strategy.