Five Steps to Take Before Launching Your Next PPC Campaign

“Where can I find _________?” It’s a simple question more consumers are asking every day.

It’s also the biggest quandary your team should address before launching your next PPC campaign. What does the potential customer want? What are they seeking out? How can we provide an instantly clear answer, which in turn makes a website visitor a loyal supporter?

Even with defined objectives, paid search can quickly devour a marketing budget, if not executed properly, and analyzed for true effectiveness.

These are the five critical steps to take before launching your next campaign.

  1. Know the total market opportunity, as well as the true market opportunity. Appealing to the right audience will make ad spending more efficient while increasing qualified leads.
  2. True MarketForm a plan of attack, including budget and management priorities, with detailed information on strategy delegation. Clear objectives will make the process easier to execute, and create a system of accountability, within your organization.
  3. Divide and conquer, by segmenting the audience and determining the language that resonates within each market. Even though the demographics for some targets will be the same, keep in mind the outcomes through search will be different.
  4. Build a strategic framework that is outcome-based, with optimization centered on consumer needs.Outcome based
  5. Determine the tools you’ll use to track results, including high-level metrics, KPIs and lead funnel reports, which should highlight the best areas for new business opportunities.

Evolve Digital Labs is delivering intense growth using the tactics listed above as well as new proprietary software, called Modus.

Modus is a tool to manage campaign resources, report on the marketing opportunity and capitalize on predictable revenue streams.

Modus Dashboard

Modus has been a factor in positive b2b results for Charter, driven growth and market share for Merck, and pushed down the cost per click rate for Vet-RXDirect.

Learn more about Modus.